Who is Kim Kardashian Dating? Unveiling the Recent Romances

Kim Kardashian, a global celebrity and business mogul, has long been under the public eye, with her love life serving as a constant source of fascination.

After her recent divorce from rapper Kanye West, speculation has surrounded her potential suitors. Let’s delve into the rumors and facts surrounding Kim Kardashian’s dating history and current status.

Odell Beckham Jr.

One of the early names linked to Kardashian was Odell Beckham Jr., a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. Despite having mutual friends and knowing each other for some time, sources have indicated that Kardashian is not currently in a serious relationship.

Her primary focus remains on her children and her businesses. Beckham Jr., too, is navigating co-parenting, having a son named Zydn with his ex-girlfriend Lauren Wood.

Pete Davidson

A surprising contender in Kardashian’s dating saga is comedian and actor Pete Davidson, renowned for his contributions to Saturday Night Live. Their paths crossed when Kardashian hosted SNL in October 2021, and on-screen chemistry led to a notable kiss during a sketch.

Subsequently, sightings of them together in New York and Los Angeles fueled dating speculations. Sources suggest that Kardashian appreciates Davidson’s sense of humor and laid-back demeanor.


In June 2023, Kardashian disclosed on her podcast that she was casually dating a mystery man dubbed “Fred.” Met through a mutual friend, Fred is not associated with the entertainment industry.

Kardashian emphasized his respect for her privacy and understanding of her role as a mother of four. While details about Fred remain undisclosed, speculation abounds, with fans curious about the true identity behind the moniker.

The mystery surrounding Fred has prompted various theories, with some speculating Fred’s potential connection to individuals like Beckham Jr. or Davidson. Others ponder if Fred is a deliberate diversion from Kardashian’s true romantic endeavors.


Kim Kardashian’s dating life continues to captivate public attention, showcasing a myriad of possibilities. Whether it’s Odell Beckham Jr., Pete Davidson, Fred, or another suitor, the hope is that Kardashian finds happiness and enjoyment in her romantic pursuits.

As she navigates the post-divorce chapter from Kanye West, we wish her fulfillment and love in all her future endeavors.

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