Who Is Dwight Howard’s Wife? Meet Te’a Cooper, the WNBA Star

Dwight Howard, a retired NBA icon, has played for numerous teams, such as the Los Angeles Lakers, the Houston Rockets, and the Memphis Grizzlies. Beyond his basketball career, his personal life has been a topic of discussion, generating various rumors and controversies.

One of the most recent revelations about him is his secret marriage to Te’a Cooper, a WNBA player, which took place in 2020. This article delves into the background of Te’a Cooper and the details of her relationship with Dwight Howard.

Te’a Cooper’s Profile and Professional Journey

Te’a Cooper was born on April 16, 1997, in Newark, New Jersey. She honed her basketball skills at McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia, where she secured three Georgia 6A State titles. Her collegiate basketball journey led her through the University of Tennessee, the University of South Carolina, and Baylor University.

In April 2020, Te’a was drafted by the Phoenix Mercury to play in the WNBA. Unfortunately, her time with the Mercury was short-lived due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Los Angeles Sparks stepped in and signed her as a point guard later in the same year. She remained with the Sparks until 2021 when she became a free agent.

Te’a Cooper and Dwight Howard’s Love Story

Te’a Cooper and Dwight Howard first crossed paths in late 2018, sparking a romance shortly thereafter. They intentionally kept their relationship under the radar, avoiding the prying eyes of the media. In 2019, they officially announced their engagement and opted for a clandestine wedding ceremony in November 2020.

Their union became public knowledge through their Instagram posts, which featured images of their wedding rings and matching tattoos. These posts conveyed their profound love and joy for one another.

Challenges Faced by Te’a Cooper and Dwight Howard

The relationship between Te’a Cooper and Dwight Howard has not been without its share of obstacles, primarily revolving around their age difference and Dwight Howard’s past. Te’a Cooper is 26 years old, while Dwight Howard is 36, prompting scrutiny and questions about their compatibility.

Dwight Howard’s complex history with his ex-partners and children has also contributed to the challenges they’ve faced. He has fathered five children with five different women, including Royce Reed, Christine Vest, Hope Alexa, Tiffany Render, and Melissa Rios. Additionally, he has been accused of infidelity and harassment by some of his former partners.

In the face of these allegations and controversies, Te’a Cooper has steadfastly defended her husband, portraying him as a kind-hearted man and a devoted father. She has made it clear that the opinions of others regarding their relationship hold no sway over her.

In Conclusion

Te’a Cooper is not only a professional basketball player but also the wife of Dwight Howard. Their journey began in 2018, culminating in a secret wedding in 2020. Their relationship, despite the age gap and Dwight Howard’s history, stands as a testament to their enduring love and mutual support, illustrating that they have overcome their challenges and found happiness in each other’s company.

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