Where is Wendy Williams? The Truth About the Former Talk Show Host’s Health and Guardianship

Wendy Williams, the dynamic media personality renowned for hosting The Wendy Williams Show for 14 seasons, has been noticeably absent from the public eye for over a year.

The 59-year-old star, facing various health challenges such as Graves’ disease, lymphedema, intestinal cancer, a stroke, high blood pressure, and kidney failure, has also become subject to a financial guardianship, restricting control over her affairs.

The documentary “Where is Wendy Williams?” on Lifetime, airing on February 24 and 25, offers an eye-opening exploration of Williams’ battles, her family’s revelations, and a glimpse into her future.

The Genesis of Stardom

Williams initiated her career in the 1980s as a radio host, earning acclaim and notoriety for candid and controversial celebrity interviews. Garnering the moniker “The Queen of All Media,” she transitioned to television in 2008, launching her syndicated talk show, The Wendy Williams Show. With segments like “Hot Topics” and her signature catchphrase, “How you doin’?” she amassed millions of devoted viewers.

The Sudden End to the Show

In a surprising turn of events in July 2021, Williams announced her departure from the show due to health issues. Battling Graves’ disease since 1999 and grappling with lymphedema since 2019, she faced numerous challenges, including a fractured shoulder, a hairline arm fracture, and a publicized fainting episode on live TV.

Additionally, personal turmoil, including a divorce in 2019, substance abuse struggles, and legal issues, added to her difficulties.

The Descent into Guardianship

In 2022, Williams’ health further deteriorated, leading to a financial guardianship initiated by her son, Kevin Hunter Jr. Allegations of mismanagement by her business manager, Bernie Young, fueled the legal intervention. The guardianship stirred family disputes, with Williams’ sister, Wanda Williams, claiming interference in their efforts to support her.

Wendy Williams in Her Own Words

The documentary features Williams candidly addressing her guardianship, revealing financial constraints and a lack of control over her life. She disputes claims of incapacitation and emphasizes her fight for freedom. Hints at alcohol consumption and a circle of “yes people” allowing her situation to persist emerge from her revelations.

A Glimpse into the Present and the Future

Williams expresses happiness, asserting her determination to fight for freedom in the documentary. Despite financial limitations, she unveils a new project, The Wendy Williams Podcast, slated for launch in March 2024. Reflecting on her legacy, she remains unafraid and ready for what lies ahead.


Wendy Williams, despite facing formidable challenges, retains her resilience and courage. The documentary, “Where is Wendy Williams?”, provides an authentic portrayal of her health struggles, the guardianship saga, and her unwavering spirit.

As she embarks on a podcast venture, Williams reaffirms her iconic status as the Queen of All Media, demonstrating that she continues to pursue her dreams, unfazed by the obstacles she encounters. Her journey, though marked by difficulties, showcases her enduring determination and refusal to bow down to adversity. Wendy Williams remains an influential figure, resolute in doing it her way.

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