Where is Ryan Reynolds Right Now? The Actor’s Sabbatical and Family Life

Ryan Reynolds, celebrated for his versatility in Hollywood across genres, from comedies to action flicks and superhero sagas, also stands as a prosperous entrepreneur, philanthropist, and father of four. But where is he presently, and what occupies his time?

The Deadpool luminary recently disclosed his decision to step back from acting following the completion of his latest endeavor, Spirited. Here’s the scoop on his hiatus and family dynamics.

The Sabbatical Announcement

In October 2021, Reynolds opted to share his hiatus plans via Instagram subsequent to wrapping up the filming of Spirited, a musical rendition of A Christmas Carol, featuring alongside Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer.

A whimsical video surfaced, depicting Reynolds clad in pajamas, narrating a bedtime story to two animatronic sheep, underscoring his intention to prioritize family time. Captioning the post, he expressed, “The notion for a show crafted to aid everyone in dozing off was conceived the very day my fourth child arrived.

Anticipating your viewership of Bedtime Stories, premiering June 20th on @MaximumEffort Channel on @fubotv.” Emphasizing the significance of kindness in conjunction with talent, he lauded his collaborators and announced a temporary hiatus from filmmaking, attributing it to fostering familial bonds.

Reynolds further clarified in his Instagram Stories that the duration of his sabbatical could span anywhere from two months to a year, earmarked for nurturing his four children alongside his wife, Blake Lively.

The Family Life

Reynolds and Lively, who crossed paths on the set of Green Lantern in 2010, entered marital bliss in 2012 and have since been blessed with four daughters: James, 8, Inez, 6, Betty, 3, and their latest addition, whose identity remains undisclosed.

The couple maintains a veil of privacy over their family affairs, shying away from divulging details or sharing glimpses of their children on social media. Preferring seclusion, they reside in a secluded abode in Westchester County, New York, far removed from the intrusive gaze of paparazzi.

Reynolds often extols the joys of family life and the profound inspiration derived from his loved ones. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in 2021, he remarked on the significance of mutual fondness and friendship within their relationship.

Embracing his role as a father, he relishes engaging in “girl stuff” with his daughters, from crafting dresses to partaking in games and storytime sessions. Expressing admiration for women, Reynolds aspires to instill values of strength, confidence, and independence in his daughters.


Currently on a hiatus from the silver screen, Ryan Reynolds dedicates his time to nurturing familial bonds and embracing the simple pleasures of life. As he relishes quality time with his wife and daughters, he readies the launch of his forthcoming series, Bedtime Stories, tailored to soothe restless minds.

While his return to acting remains unconfirmed, Reynolds boasts an impressive slate of upcoming projects, including Deadpool 3, Red Notice, and The Adam Project. Additionally, his involvement in ventures such as Mint Mobile, Aviation Gin, and Wrexham A.F.C. underscores his multifaceted success.

Celebrated and adored worldwide, Reynolds embarks on a well-deserved break, greeted with well-wishes and eager anticipation for his eventual return to the limelight.

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