Where is Liz Golyar Now? The Twisted Tale of Liz Golyar

Liz Golyar finds herself at the center of Netflix’s latest true crime documentary, Lover, Stalker, Killer. The chilling narrative unveils a lethal love triangle culminating in murder, arson, and a web of deceit. Golyar, initially captivated by mechanic Dave Kroupa through an online dating platform, spiraled into obsession, leading her to eliminate her romantic rival, Cari Farver, in 2012.

What followed was years of masquerading as Farver, bombarding Kroupa, his ex-partner, and his children with thousands of messages, vandalizing their properties, and even setting her own house ablaze. How did Golyar evade capture for so long, and where does she stand today?

The Online Dating Disaster

Dave Kroupa, a single father from Omaha, Nebraska, sought companionship on online dating platforms following his separation from long-term partner Amy Flora. His encounter with Liz Golyar, a divorced mother of two and proprietor of a cleaning company, seemed promising.

However, Kroupa’s intention for casual encounters clashed with Golyar’s growing fixation. Meanwhile, Kroupa forged a connection with Cari Farver, a single mother and computer programmer he met through work. Despite Kroupa’s transparency about Farver, Golyar’s reaction took a dark turn when the two women crossed paths at his apartment, leading Farver to sever ties with Kroupa.

The Disappearance and the Stalking

Farver vanished without a trace two weeks after meeting Kroupa, leaving behind a text message claiming she was relocating to Kansas to reunite with her ex-boyfriend. Yet, Kroupa soon found himself inundated with a barrage of increasingly hostile and threatening messages purportedly from Farver, accusing him of infidelity and issuing chilling warnings.

Golyar, Flora, and Kroupa’s children also fell victim to Farver’s relentless harassment via texts, emails, and fabricated social media accounts. The harassment escalated to vandalism, with Kroupa’s car repeatedly targeted, Flora’s property damaged, and Golyar’s residence consumed by fire, claiming her pets.

The Investigation and the Revelation

Law enforcement faced a confounding puzzle with Farver’s disappearance. Lacking evidence of her whereabouts or motives, and unable to trace the messages to their source, authorities grappled with a perplexing case.

However, a breakthrough emerged in 2016 when a tech expert unveiled that the messages originated from Golyar’s devices, concealed through a spoofing app. Subsequent forensic examinations uncovered damning evidence, including bloodstains matching Farver’s DNA in Golyar’s car and incriminating photos of Farver’s lifeless body on Golyar’s phone.

The Trial and the Sentence

Despite Golyar’s vehement denials and elaborate conspiracy theories implicating others, the jury unanimously convicted her of first-degree murder and second-degree arson.

Sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, plus an additional 18 years for arson, Golyar’s conviction withstood subsequent appeals.

Currently incarcerated at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women, Golyar persists in proclaiming her innocence, though her prospects for exoneration remain bleak given the overwhelming evidence against her.


As Golyar serves her sentence, steadfast in her claims of innocence, Dave Kroupa, the survivor of this harrowing ordeal, expresses relief at her incarceration. He reflects on his regret at ever engaging with Golyar and the hard-earned lesson learned from the experience.

Moving forward, he vows never to place his trust in another individual again. Meanwhile, he hopes for closure for Farver’s grieving family, acknowledging the profound impact of this tragic chapter on all involved.

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