Vince Mcmahon Wife: A Spotlight on Linda McMahon

Vince McMahon, the founder and chairman of the renowned World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), has been a central figure in the wrestling industry.

Known for his charismatic and controversial personality, Vince’s influence on sports entertainment is undeniable. However, behind this influential man stands Linda McMahon, a woman of significant accomplishments. Let’s delve into the life of Linda McMahon, the wife of Vince McMahon.

Linda McMahon: A Profile

Linda McMahon is an American businesswoman, political executive, and retired performer. Notably, she co-founded Titan Sports, Inc. (now WWE) alongside her husband, Vince McMahon. Serving as president and later CEO from 1980 to 2009, Linda played a pivotal role in the company’s growth.

Beyond her contributions to the wrestling world, she served as the administrator of the Small Business Administration under President Donald Trump and twice ran as a Republican candidate for the United States Senate from Connecticut. Linda is also the mother of Shane and Stephanie McMahon, both actively involved in WWE, and the grandmother of six.

Vince and Linda’s Beginnings

Vince and Linda McMahon’s journey as a couple began when they met at the church when Linda was 13 and Vince was 16. Despite their mothers working in the same building, their paths hadn’t crossed earlier.

Vince proposed to Linda following her high school graduation, leading to their marriage on August 26, 1966. Notably, this was two days after Vince turned 21, while Linda was just 17.

The Genesis of WWE

The entrepreneurial journey of Vince and Linda McMahon in the wrestling business started in 1979 with the purchase of the Cape Cod Coliseum in Massachusetts. They further acquired the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) from Vince’s father in 1982, renaming it World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

The couple’s vision expanded the company nationally and internationally, introducing iconic stars and events such as Hulk Hogan, WrestleMania, and Monday Night Raw. Despite facing challenges and controversies, they rebranded the company as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2002 to reflect its broader entertainment offerings.

Linda McMahon’s Role in WWE

From 1980 to 2009, Linda McMahon held the positions of president and later CEO of WWE. Her responsibilities spanned the business and financial aspects of the company, including contract negotiations, budget management, marketing oversight, and partnership development.

Linda also spearheaded civic programs like Get REAL and Smackdown Your Vote, aiming to educate and empower young people. Notably, she made occasional on-screen appearances, notably participating in a feud with her husband at WrestleMania X-Seven.

Post-WWE Pursuits

Linda McMahon transitioned from WWE in 2009 to embark on a political career. Running as a Republican candidate for the United States Senate from Connecticut in 2010 and 2012, she faced defeats in both elections.

Her campaigns, focusing on job creation, tax cuts, and health care reform, surpassed $100 million, drawing attention to her involvement in WWE controversies.

In 2016, President Donald Trump nominated Linda McMahon to lead the Small Business Administration. Confirmed by the Senate in 2017, she served until 2019, earning praise for streamlining the agency and enhancing disaster relief programs.

Post her role in the administration, Linda McMahon became the chairwoman of America First Action, a pro-Trump Super PAC. She also joined the board of directors of the America First Policy Institute, a non-profit organization advancing Trump’s agenda.


In summary, Linda McMahon emerges as a remarkable woman who has left an indelible mark in both business and politics. As the wife of Vince McMahon and a key player in the growth of WWE, Linda’s journey extends into political service and advocacy for small businesses.

A mother, grandmother, and influential figure, Linda McMahon continues to be a role model. Share your thoughts on Linda McMahon in the comments below!”

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