Tyreek Hill Divorce: What Really Happened?

Tyreek Hill, the esteemed wide receiver of the Miami Dolphins, finds himself in the spotlight for his recent personal struggles. On January 24, 2024, public court records unveiled Hill’s divorce filing from his wife, Keeta Vaccaro, a mere two months after their nuptials.

However, the narrative took an unexpected turn the following day when Hill refuted the divorce reports on social media, asserting a harmonious marriage with Vaccaro and claiming the paperwork was filed without his consent.

Vaccaro, too, joined in by sharing workout photos, seemingly confirming their relationship. So, what truly transpired in Tyreek Hill’s divorce filing? And who is the purported “bonehead” responsible for the mishap?

 A Rapid Romance

Tyreek Hill and Keeta Vaccaro’s story began in 2021, culminating in an engagement in July of that year during their Fourth of July party. Vaccaro, a model and influencer with over 75K Instagram followers, also happens to be the sister of NFL safety Kenny Vaccaro of the Tennessee Titans.

The couple exchanged vows in Austin, Texas, on November 8, 2023, amidst the Dolphins’ bye week, with the joyous occasion documented on social media.

Puzzling Court Documents

The unexpected twist occurred on January 24, 2024, when court records revealed Hill’s divorce filing in Broward County, Florida, citing an “irretrievably broken” marriage.

The filing sought sole parental responsibility for their two children born in 2022 and 2023, along with child support, alimony, and coverage of legal fees. This revelation puzzled fans and media outlets, given the seemingly blissful nature of their union.

Swift Denials and Social Media Defense

Promptly responding to the divorce reports, Hill took to social media on the following day, adamantly denying the divorce and asserting a happy marriage with Vaccaro.

He expressed frustration, emphasizing that someone filed the paperwork without his consent. Vaccaro supported Hill’s stance by sharing a workout video, showcasing the couple’s togetherness, countering the divorce rumors.

A Personnel Shake-up

On January 26, 2024, Hill shed light on the situation during his Twitch stream, hinting at behind-the-scenes chaos. Without specifying details, he revealed that “a lot of people got fired” for unauthorized actions. He referred to the responsible individual as a “f–king bonehead.”

Notably, on January 29, 2024, Hill’s attorney, Gary F. Celetti Jr., requested to withdraw as legal counsel, citing “irreconcilable differences,” leaving room for speculation regarding his role in the turmoil.

The Ongoing Legal Landscape

Despite Hill’s public denial, the divorce case remains active, with Vaccaro securing her own legal representation, Evan Marks. Court records, once public, are no longer accessible on the Broward County clerk of courts website.

The situation raises questions about whether the couple is privately resolving issues or awaiting a case dismissal. Until clarity emerges, the legal proceedings continue to cast uncertainty over Hill and Vaccaro’s marriage and familial responsibilities.


Tyreek Hill’s divorce saga unfolds as a perplexing and controversial tale, marked by conflicting statements between him and his wife, Keeta Vaccaro. Hill contends that he never initiated the divorce filing and took action against the responsible party, while Vaccaro displays support for her husband on social media.

Yet, with the divorce case persisting in the legal arena, Vaccaro retaining legal counsel, and Hill’s attorney withdrawing, the truth remains elusive. Fans and media outlets are left in suspense, awaiting resolution and clarity on the future of this embattled couple.

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