Trump Prosecutor Divorce File Unsealed: FBI Raids! Bombshell in Trump Prosecutor’s Divorce Papers

The divorce case involving Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor appointed by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to investigate Donald Trump and his allies, was unsealed on Monday, January 22, 2024.

The revelation has sparked speculation about potential conflicts of interest and its impact on the high-profile case. Here’s a breakdown of the key details and the implications this development might have on the ongoing legal proceedings.

Allegations Against Willis and Wade

Defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant, representing former Trump campaign staffer Michael Roman, raised allegations of an improper relationship between Willis and Wade. This motion, filed earlier in the month, sought to disqualify Willis from the case, citing claims of personal gain, lack of prosecutorial experience on Wade’s part, and financial improprieties.

Based on sources and records from Wade’s sealed divorce proceeding, which involved accusations of an extramarital affair, Merchant contended that Willis had profited personally from hiring Wade, leading to potential conflicts of interest.

Unsealing of the Divorce Case

Judge Henry Thompson of the Cobb County Superior Court ordered the unsealing of Wade’s divorce case on January 22, 2024, responding to requests from Merchant and media organizations. While the unsealed records mainly contained financial information, the alleged affair details were notably absent.

The judge postponed a decision on Willis’s deposition but delayed her scheduled testimony, originally set for January 23, 2024.

Potential Impact on the Trump Case

The unsealing of Wade’s divorce case carries potential repercussions for the criminal case against Trump and associates. Accused of violating Georgia’s racketeering statute over attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, Trump has consistently denied wrongdoing and labeled the charges as politically motivated.

The affair allegations could become a focal point for Trump and his supporters, challenging the credibility of the case and Wade’s qualifications. Trump has accused Willis of bias and corruption, demanding her recusal from the case.

Judge Christopher Brasher, overseeing the criminal case, has yet to rule on Merchant’s motion to disqualify Willis. A decision, expected after brief submissions by both sides by February 7, 2024, will determine the potential conflict of interest and the appropriateness of Wade’s hiring. If Willis is disqualified, the case may be reassigned to another prosecutor.

Conclusion: New Questions and Challenges

The unsealing of the divorce case involving special prosecutor Nathan Wade has introduced new complexities into the case against Donald Trump and his associates. The potential revelation of details regarding the alleged affair could impact the credibility of the prosecutors, prompting questions about their integrity.

The judge’s decision on Willis’s involvement and the legality of Wade’s hiring will significantly shape the trajectory of this high-profile case—one of the most closely watched legal battles against Trump leading up to the 2024 election.

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