Toie Roberts Pregnant at 14: How Toie Roberts Handled a False Pregnancy Rumor?

Toie Roberts, the daughter of rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross, faced a shocking rumor in 2019, when she was only 14 years old. A woman who claimed to be Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend, Tia Kemp, uploaded a video on Instagram, accusing Toie of being pregnant and getting an abortion.

Tia Kemp’s Allegations

Tia Kemp, who is the mother of Rick Ross’ son, William Roberts III, has been in a bitter conflict with the rapper for years, over child support and custody issues. She has also publicly slammed Rick Ross’ other baby mamas, including Toie’s mother, Lastonia Leviston.

In January 2019, Tia Kemp uploaded a video on Instagram, in which she alleged that Toie Roberts was pregnant at 14 and got an abortion. She also claimed that Rick Ross paid for the procedure and that Toie’s mother did not know about the situation. She said that she had evidence of her allegations and that she was going to expose Rick Ross and his family.

Toie Roberts’ Reaction

Toie Roberts did not respond directly to Tia Kemp’s allegations, but she posted a series of photos and videos on her Instagram, flaunting her flat belly and her luxurious lifestyle. She also wrote a caption, saying, “I’m not even pregnant and my child still richer than u. u lose.”

Rick Ross also did not react to Tia Kemp’s claims, but he unfollowed Toie on Instagram for a short time, which caused more speculation among the fans. However, he later followed her back and kept showing his love and support for his daughter.

The Truth Behind the Rumor

The rumor of Toie Roberts being pregnant at 14 was never verified or refuted by any trustworthy source. Tia Kemp did not provide any proof to support her allegations, and she deleted the video from her Instagram later. Toie Roberts and Rick Ross did not comment on the matter, and they moved on with their lives.

Toie Roberts, who is now 19 years old, is actually pregnant with her first child, as she announced on her Instagram in January 2024. She is expecting a baby girl with her boyfriend, who has not been revealed to the public. Rick Ross congratulated his daughter and expressed his joy to become a grandfather for the second time.


Toie Roberts, Rick Ross’ daughter, faced pregnancy rumors at 14, but the rumor was never confirmed or denied. The rumor was started by Tia Kemp, Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend, who has a history of fighting with the rapper and his family.

Toie Roberts and Rick Ross did not address the rumor, but they showed that they were not bothered by it. Toie Roberts is now pregnant with her first child, and she is excited to become a mother.

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