Steve Sarkisian Divorce: Alcoholism to Become a Successful Football Coach

Steve Sarkisian currently serves as the head coach of the Texas Longhorns football team, a position he attained after overcoming significant personal and professional hurdles. His journey was marked by challenges, including a divorce from his first wife, Stephanie, and a battle with alcoholism that led to his dismissal from USC. In this blog, we will delve into how Sarkisian navigated these difficulties and rediscovered happiness with his second wife, Loreal, and their son, Brady.

Sarkisian’s Marriage and Divorce with Stephanie

In 1997, Sarkisian married Stephanie, his high school sweetheart. They shared a seemingly blissful marriage, supporting each other through Sarkisian’s coaching career, which took them to various locations. However, in 2015, Sarkisian’s termination from USC due to alcohol-related issues coincided with his divorce from Stephanie. The divorce settlement included joint custody of their three children: Ashley, Taylor, and Brady.

The divorce and job loss plunged Sarkisian into a dark period marked by addiction and depression. Facing the lowest point in his life, he contemplated suicide and sought professional help to address his alcoholism.

Sarkisian’s Recovery and Redemption

Entering rehab in October 2015, Sarkisian spent 30 days undergoing therapy. Determined to stay sober, he credited his faith, family, and professional support for his recovery. Nick Saban’s hiring of Sarkisian at Alabama marked a turning point in his coaching career. Sarkisian’s success at Alabama, including two national championships, garnered respect and paved the way for his role as the head coach of the Texas Longhorns in January 2021.

Sarkisian’s New Family and Happiness

Sarkisian’s personal life experienced a positive shift when he married Loreal Smith in June 2020. Loreal, a former collegiate track star and coach, became a supportive presence in Sarkisian’s life. They welcomed a son, Brady, in 2019, and Sarkisian expressed gratitude for the joy and purpose Loreal brought to his life.

Maintaining his sobriety, Sarkisian highlighted the importance of family and positivity in his journey. He emphasized his commitment to health and shared the joy he found in being a father to Brady.


Steve Sarkisian’s journey from divorce and alcoholism to coaching success is an inspiring testament to resilience and determination. Overcoming adversity with the right attitude, support, and faith, Sarkisian serves as a living example of turning negatives into positives. His story reinforces the idea that anyone can overcome challenges and achieve success when armed with the right mindset and opportunities.

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