Shay Johnson Pregnant: Unraveling the Truth about Pregnancy Rumor in 2024

Shay Johnson, the reality TV star recognized for her appearances on Love & Hip Hop: Miami and Flavor of Love, found herself at the center of a surprising rumor in January 2024—allegedly pregnant again with her on-and-off boyfriend Fabian (Fabo).

However, this speculation stemmed from a TikTok video by singer Noah Vela, claiming an exclusive interview with the couple. But was this assertion true, or merely a fabricated story? Let’s delve into the details.

How Did the Rumor Start?

The TikTok video by Noah Vela purportedly featuring an interview with Shay and Fabo announcing their pregnancy sparked the rumor.

Vela urged followers to stream his new song to unlock the alleged exclusive footage, along with a screenshot showing the couple holding hands and smiling. Despite the video going viral, some fans remained skeptical, attributing it to a publicity stunt by Vela to boost his music career.

How Did Shay Respond?

Breaking her usual privacy regarding personal matters, Shay addressed the rumor on January 15, 2024, via her Instagram story. She emphatically denied the pregnancy rumor and called out Vela for spreading false information for clout.

Shay’s statement clarified the situation, highlighting the deceptive nature of the prank and expressing her disdain for being involved. Fans applauded her for handling the situation with honesty and dignity.

What is the Truth About Shay and Fabo’s Relationship?

Shay and Fabo’s relationship, marked by on-and-off dynamics since they met on the set of Love & Hip Hop: Miami in 2019, has been a rollercoaster. They faced challenges like cheating allegations, trust issues, and family drama, with multiple breakups and reconciliations documented on social media.

The couple welcomed their daughter, Shajiyah, in August 2022, following a complicated and high-risk pregnancy. Despite expressing gratitude for their “miracle baby,” Shay acknowledged ongoing problems in their relationship, particularly hoping for Fabo to step up as a father and partner.

In the recent Love & Hip Hop: Miami season, Shay revealed a breakup with Fabo due to his disrespectful behavior towards her mother and sister. Expressing her resolve to focus on herself and her daughter, Shay indicated openness to dating others.

However, a video posted on January 22, 2024, featuring Shay and Fabo on vacation in the Dominican Republic, raised questions about their relationship timeline. Fans speculated about Shay’s stomach appearing flat in the video, leading to questions about a possible abortion or if she was never pregnant.

As of now, Shay has not addressed these questions or confirmed her current status with Fabo.


In conclusion, Shay Johnson is not pregnant in 2024, and the rumor emerged from a viral TikTok prank. Shay responded promptly, discrediting the speculation and emphasizing her focus on her reality TV career, undeterred by the gossip.

Currently navigating a complicated relationship with Fabo, Shay is enjoying her time with him. As an engaging and outspoken TV personality, Shay Johnson deserves respect and admiration from her fans and the media.

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