Rabiya Mateo Boyfriend: A Love Story That Survived a Breakup

Rabiya Mateo, the former Miss Universe Philippines 2020, and Jeric Gonzales, the Kapuso actor and model, currently stand out as one of the most talked-about couples in the entertainment industry. Confirming their rekindled romance on February 15, 2023, after navigating through a tumultuous year-long relationship, they initially connected in 2021 during an episode of Wish Ko Lang!, eventually facing a breakup in June 2022. How did they manage to overcome their hurdles and rediscover love? Here’s a closer look at their journey.

Meeting: Co-Stars to Lovers

Rabiya and Jeric first crossed paths in November 2021 while working together on an episode of the weekly drama anthology Wish Ko Lang! The on-screen chemistry between them translated into a real-life connection, and they swiftly became close friends. Their friendship evolved into romance, evident in the cozy moments captured outside Enchanted Kingdom in December 2021. Despite sparking dating rumors, the pair remained tight-lipped about their relationship status.

In a PEP Live interview in February 2022, Rabiya hinted at a special someone, referred to as Mr. J, during the “getting-to-know” stage. A month later, on March 16, 2022, they officially confirmed their relationship via Instagram posts, sharing affectionate photos and sweet captions.

Breakup: A Mutual Decision

Despite their apparent happiness, Rabiya and Jeric faced challenges that led to a mutual decision to part ways in June 2022. Neil Salvacion, Rabiya’s ex-boyfriend of seven years, confirmed the breakup but clarified that he was not the reason behind it. The couple, in separate interviews, cited busy schedules and personal differences as contributing factors to their separation.

Rabiya expressed in a GMA News interview on June 7, 2022, “We’re just too busy, and we have different priorities in life. And maybe, we’re just not meant for each other.” Jeric echoed similar sentiments in a PEP.ph interview on June 9, 2022, emphasizing the absence of conflict or third parties.

Reconciliation: A Second Chance at Love

Despite the breakup, Rabiya and Jeric maintained their friendship, continuing to support each other. Realizing their lingering feelings, they decided to give their relationship a second chance. On February 15, 2023, Jeric shared a photo of them kissing on Instagram, signaling their reunion.

Appearing on Fast Talk with Boy Abunda on February 21, 2023, they discussed their reconciliation and future plans. Rabiya expressed readiness to settle down, having fulfilled her dreams for her family, while Jeric affirmed his support for her endeavors.


Rabiya Mateo and Jeric Gonzales exemplify the sweetness of love’s second chapter. Overcoming challenges, they’ve rediscovered happiness in each other’s company. Their journey serves as an inspiration for those who believe in second chances and enduring love. Best wishes to them on their shared path forward.

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