Lupita Nyong’o’s Love Life: From Janelle Monáe to Selema Masekela

Lupita Nyong’o is renowned for her outstanding talent and beauty in the realm of Hollywood. She boasts an Oscar win, an impressive portfolio of blockbuster films, and gracing the covers of numerous magazines. However, her romantic life has also piqued my curiosity. Who has she been romantically involved with, and who is her current partner? Here’s a brief overview of Lupita’s romantic journey.

Lupita and Janelle Monáe: More Than Just Friends?

In 2023, rumors swirled that Lupita was in a romantic relationship with the talented singer and actress, Janelle Monáe. The two were frequently seen together at various events, leading fans to speculate that their connection was more than just friendship. However, during an interview with Rolling Stone, Lupita put those rumors to rest. She affirmed that she and Janelle were close friends who deeply admired each other’s work. Lupita also made it clear that discussing her personal life in the public eye was not something she felt comfortable doing.

Lupita and Selema Masekela: A Love That Blossomed

In December 2022, Lupita officially confirmed her relationship with TV host and sports commentator Selema Masekela. She shared a video of the couple participating in a popular social media trend, captioning it “We just click!”. Selema, in return, expressed his affection for Lupita on his Instagram, referring to her as his “complete and true love.”

Selema is a multi-talented individual who owns a surfing brand rooted in African heritage called Alekesam. Interestingly, he once confessed to having a crush on Lupita back in 2016 when he tweeted a hypothetical scenario about how to approach her on an airplane.

Their relationship appeared to be filled with happiness and harmony as they attended events together, celebrated each other’s birthdays, and supported each other’s endeavors.

Lupita and Selema: A Season of Heartbreak

However, in October 2023, Lupita revealed that her relationship with Selema had come to an end. On her Instagram, she shared a heartfelt message expressing that she was enduring “a season of heartbreak,” a result of “a love that was abruptly and painfully extinguished due to deceit.” While she didn’t mention Selema by name, she emphasized her decision to “publicly distance” herself from someone she could no longer trust.

Lupita also shared her inner conflict about whether to hide from the pain or confront it, ultimately opting for the latter and believing that it would eventually subside. Her hope was that her experience could offer solace and inspiration to others facing similar challenges. Selema, on the other hand, has not yet addressed the breakup on his social media platforms.


Lupita Nyong’o has experienced a series of relationships, none of which endured over the long term. She presently finds herself single, focusing on her career and personal growth. Her journey is a source of inspiration for those grappling with matters of identity and sexuality, underscoring the enduring power of love and friendship.

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