Lauren Boebert Divorce: How the Colorado Congresswoman Ended Her 18-Year Marriage

Lauren Boebert, the Republican congresswoman representing Colorado, initiated divorce proceedings from her husband Jayson in April 2021. In her filing, she revealed a two-year separation, citing a pursuit of happiness and peace. The couple, together for 25 years, had four sons – Tyler, Rocco, Daxton, and Colt.

Their divorce reached finalization in October 2021 following a year of negotiations and settlements. What precipitated the breakdown of their nearly two-decade-long marriage? Here’s an exploration of the reasons and events contributing to their divorce.

Growing Apart Over Time

Lauren and Jayson Boebert openly acknowledged growing apart over time, expressing discontent in their marriage. Divergent interests, goals, and communication challenges plagued their relationship.

The pressures of public visibility, particularly fueled by Lauren’s role as a congresswoman, added stress. Lauren, recognizing the pervasive impact of her work on relationships, found it challenging to balance her professional commitments with family life. Jayson, in turn, experienced feelings of neglect and loneliness, yearning for the lost intimacy and connection with his wife.

Attempts to Salvage the Marriage

Before deciding on divorce, Lauren and Jayson Boebert made concerted efforts to salvage their marriage. Seeking counseling and therapy, dedicating more time to each other, and offering mutual support to their children were part of their endeavors.

Despite professing enduring love and a desire to remain friends, the couple faced the harsh reality of their incompatibility and disparate life aspirations. Ultimately, they concluded that going their separate ways would pave the road to happiness.

Divorce Announcement in 2021

May 2021 witnessed Lauren and Jayson Boebert officially announcing their divorce, concluding months of speculation. The couple issued a joint statement to People magazine, declaring their decision to legally divorce after 18 years of marriage. The statement, emphasizing love for each other and their four children, urged privacy during the challenging time.

The couple also addressed their divorce on The Lauren Boebert Show, sharing their emotions and struggles with their audience. Despite their sadness and heartbreak, they expressed hope for finding peace and happiness.

Finalization of the Divorce in 2021

October 2021 marked the finalization of Lauren and Jayson Boebert’s divorce, bringing closure to a chapter that lasted nearly two decades. The couple expressed relief and happiness in closing this chapter, harboring no hard feelings or regrets. Their commitment to remaining a family, co-parenting their children, and expressing gratitude for the lessons learned underscored an amicable separation.

Financial Settlement Agreement

As part of their divorce settlement, Lauren and Jayson Boebert reached a financial agreement outlined in court documents obtained by The Blast. Lauren agreed to pay Jayson $4 million, with a fair split of their real estate assets. Additionally, monthly payments of $32,000 for spousal support and $17,000 for child support were stipulated for their four children, aged 19, 16, 14, and 12 at the time.

The division of assets favored Lauren, who retained ownership of her home in Silt, restaurant in Rifle, $1 million gun collection, and intellectual property associated with her podcasts, books, and live performances. Jayson retained his $1.5 million home in Grand Junction, landscaping business, $1 million car collection, and a $500,000 stake in a local brewery.

Moving On with New Partners

Post-divorce, Lauren and Jayson Boebert embarked on new romantic journeys. Lauren found companionship in Mark, describing him as handsome, smart, and sharing common interests.

She emphasized his support and understanding of her work and family commitments. Similarly, Jayson entered a relationship with Kelly, whom he encountered on a dating app. Describing her as beautiful, fun, and with a strong chemistry, Jayson acknowledged her positive impact on himself and his children.


Lauren Boebert, a controversial figure known for her conservative views, faced the end of her 18-year marriage to Jayson in 2021. Despite their enduring love, the couple decided to part ways, announcing the divorce in May 2021 and finalizing it by October the same year.

Their commitment to remaining friends, coupled with an agreed financial settlement, allowed them to transition into new chapters of their lives with newfound happiness and peace.

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