Kim Fields Divorce: How Divorce Changed Her Perspective on Life and Love

Kim Fields, a seasoned actress, director, and producer renowned for her iconic roles in The Facts of Life and Living Single, also made waves in reality TV on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Dancing with the Stars. However, beneath the veneer of success lay a personal turmoil as her marriage to actor and singer Christopher Morgan faltered.

The couple initiated divorce proceedings in 2020, culminating a 13-year union and two children. This post delves into Fields’ journey through divorce and its profound impact on her perspective on life and love.

The Love Story

Fields and Morgan’s romance blossomed in 2005 when they crossed paths at a Broadway play, sparking an immediate connection that led to courtship. Following their engagement in 2006, they eloped in 2007 in an intimate ceremony in Mexico.

Fields fondly regarded Morgan as her “soulmate” and “best friend,” acknowledging his unwavering support for her career and aspirations. Morgan, an accomplished actor and singer, reciprocated by lauding Fields as his “muse” and “partner in crime,” portraying an idyllic partnership cherished by fans.

The Breakup

Despite outward appearances, Fields and Morgan found themselves drifting apart amid the strains of busy schedules, divergent personalities, and personal struggles. Fields candidly disclosed her battles with depression and anxiety, leaning on therapy and medication for solace. Morgan, grappling with a history of infidelity and addiction, embarked on a journey of recovery.

Pressures from the public and media exacerbated their challenges. Despite attempts at reconciliation through counseling, quality time, and vow renewals, they realized their discontent and disparate life aspirations. The couple announced their divorce in July 2020, emphasizing their enduring “mutual respect and love.”

The Healing

Navigating the aftermath of divorce, Fields and Morgan embarked on a journey of emotional recovery. Expressing their grief and sorrow through social media and interviews, they prioritized co-parenting their children, Sebastian and Quincy, fostering an amicable relationship.

Immersed in their respective careers, Fields graced the screens in the Netflix sitcom The Upshaws and penned her memoir, Blessed Life, extolling the virtues of happiness and gratitude. Meanwhile, Morgan channeled his struggles and hopes into his music, releasing the album Love and Pain.

The Future

Looking ahead, Fields and Morgan embrace new opportunities and ventures post-divorce. Fields gears up for her next project, a documentary chronicling her life and career, alongside plans for a tour encompassing music and comedy performances. Basking in the company of her new beau, Michael Ellington, a lawyer and writer, Fields explores avenues in directing, producing, and fashion.

Morgan ventures into a musical project delving into his life and recovery journey while planning a tour featuring his music and theater performances. Immersed in the support of family and friends, Morgan nurtures new relationships with a partner who values and cherishes him.


Kim Fields and Christopher Morgan, former spouses who parted ways in 2020 after 13 years of marriage and two children, navigated the trials of divorce with resilience and fortitude.

Leveraging their careers and faith as conduits for healing and self-expression, they embarked on new projects reflective of their personal journeys and talents. Their courage and grace inspire fans and followers, underscoring the human capacity for resilience and artistic expression in the face of adversity.

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