Kevin Ryder’s Divorce: The End of an Era

Kevin Ryder stands as one of Los Angeles’ most iconic and influential radio personalities, having co-hosted the Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ-FM, an alternative rock station, for an impressive three decades, from 1990 to 2019.

Alongside this, he briefly hosted the spin-off show, Kevin in the Morning, which unfortunately met an abrupt end in 2020. Known for his humor, charisma, and fervor for music and entertainment, Kevin’s journey also includes personal struggles, notably his divorce from his wife of 10 years, Melissa Ryder, in 2017. In this blog, we delve into the intricacies of Kevin Ryder’s divorce and its impact on both his life and career.

Kevin and Melissa: A Love Story

In 2005, Kevin and Melissa’s paths intertwined at a charity event where Melissa, a publicist, was working. Despite a 16-year age gap, they kindled a romance, culminating in a 2007 wedding in Hawaii. The couple set up their home in Encino, California, sharing it with a menagerie of pets and running the Friends and Helpers Foundation, a non-profit aiding domestic violence victims.

Their relationship appeared robust, frequently showcased through social media and on-air declarations of love. Melissa even became a regular guest on the Kevin and Bean Show, contributing to discussions about their charity work and personal life. Despite external appearances, challenges were brewing.

The Divorce Announcement: What Shocked Everyone?

In a startling turn of events in 2017, Kevin took to Twitter to announce his divorce from Melissa. The accompanying photo of the couple smiling intensified the shock. The statement expressed mutual respect and love, emphasizing their intent to remain friends. The public outpouring of shock and sympathy highlighted the couple’s public image as a beloved pair.

The Reasons Behind Their Divorce: What Went Wrong?

While the specific reasons for the divorce remained undisclosed, speculations arose. Differences in career and lifestyle, coupled with personal and emotional issues, potentially contributed. Growing apart, a common narrative in relationships, could also have played a role.

How Kevin Is Doing Now: Finding His Voice Again

Post-divorce, Kevin, though relatively quiet about the details, has displayed resilience and positivity. His podcast, “Great News with Kevin and Mike,” with friend Mike Catherwood, showcases his ongoing passion for radio and entertainment. Continuing charity work with Friends and Helpers, Kevin has received commendation for his courage and talent.

Kevin’s social media reflects his commitment to self-care, involving quality time with loved ones, pursuing hobbies, and practicing gratitude. Messages shared indicate his journey towards healing and optimism for the future.


Kevin Ryder’s divorce from Melissa Ryder marked a surprising and saddening chapter in their shared journey. Despite facing challenges, the couple handled their separation with grace, remaining friends. Kevin’s subsequent resilience and commitment to living his best life position him as a role model for those navigating similar life challenges. His story is one of laughter, tears, and triumph, offering lessons in love, healing, and personal growth.

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