Kelsea Ballerini Divorce: How the Country Singer and Her Husband of Five Years Ended Their Marriage

In a startling announcement in August 2022, Grammy-nominated country singer Kelsea Ballerini and Australian country artist Morgan Evans disclosed the end of their five-year marriage.

Devoid of children, the couple’s separation surprised fans, who perceived a content and supportive relationship despite their diverse backgrounds and bustling careers.

However, underlying issues and challenges emerged, leading to their parting. Here’s a glimpse into their meeting, the challenges they encountered, and how life unfolded afterward.

How Their Journey Began

Ballerini and Evans crossed paths in 2016 at the Country Music Channel Awards in Australia, where they co-hosted the event. A rapid connection ensued, and soon after, they commenced dating. Both carrying the baggage of previous relationships — Ballerini with musician Stu Larsen and Evans having been engaged to singer Jana Kramer — they found solace and love in each other.

An engagement on Christmas Day in 2016 and a picturesque wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in 2017 set the stage for the couple’s journey. Welcoming their son Nash in 2018, the couple seemed to strike a balance between their flourishing careers and family life, bonded by shared values like faith, music, and adventure.

Navigating Challenges and Crises

However, their marriage faced trials:

Distance and busy schedules: The demands of their thriving careers often kept Ballerini and Evans apart. While Ballerini toured extensively and collaborated with various artists, Evans traveled between the US and Australia for his projects. Their long-distance relationship proved challenging in maintaining connection and intimacy.

Media scrutiny and rumors: Constantly under the public eye, the couple had to combat rumors of infidelity, divorce, and pregnancy. Criticism over lifestyle choices, including diet, parenting style, and political views, added to the challenges.

Health and personal issues: Both Ballerini and Evans grappled with health and personal struggles. Ballerini openly shared her journey with anxiety, depression, and body image issues. Evans faced health problems like a broken jaw, torn ligament, and vocal cord injury, alongside overcoming alcoholism and addiction.

Despite these hurdles, the couple sought professional help, counseling, and embraced lessons from their challenges, strengthening their marital bond.

The Denouement of Their Marriage

In 2022, Ballerini and Evans decided to conclude their relationship. Ballerini filed for divorce on August 29, 2022, citing irreconcilable differences. Evans responded on September 15, 2022, agreeing to the custody arrangement while contesting spousal support and attorney fees.

Mentioning a prenuptial agreement, the divorce proceedings concluded amicably on October 24, 2022, as the couple agreed on shared custody, asset division, and waived spousal support claims. A joint statement emphasized their amicable resolution and commitment to co-parenting their son.

Life Beyond Divorce

Post-divorce, both Ballerini and Evans moved forward:

Ballerini continued her music career, releasing the album “SUBJECT TO CHANGE” in 2022. Dating actor Chase Stokes since January 2023, she expressed contentment and respect for Evans.

Evans pursued his singing and songwriting career, releasing the single “Over for You” in 2022. Dating model Irina Shayk since October 2022, he shared a mix of emotions, expressing hope for the future and goodwill towards Ballerini.


Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans embarked on a journey that encapsulated five years of marriage, music, and shared experiences. Their challenges tested their love and resilience, ultimately leading them to separate paths.

Choosing to prioritize individual happiness, they embraced an amicable post-divorce relationship, leaving behind a legacy of music, beauty, and grace. Their stories will continue to inspire many for years to come.

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