Is Tyler Perry’s Father Alive? Unveiling the Truth

Tyler Perry, a well-known American actor, director, and producer, has had a complicated relationship with his father, Emmitt Perry Sr. Tyler, originally named Emmitt Perry Jr., faced a challenging childhood marked by abuse and trauma, primarily inflicted by the man he believed to be his father.

Early Life and Relationship with Emmitt Perry Sr.

Emmitt Perry Sr., a carpenter by profession, played a significant role in Tyler Perry’s early life. Their relationship was strained and abusive, leading Perry to experience depression during his teenage years.

Despite the difficulties, Perry’s mother, Maxine, insisted that Emmitt was Perry’s biological father. This insistence persisted even though Perry always suspected otherwise due to the severity of the abuse he endured.

The Truth Revealed

The truth about Perry’s paternity came to light when he was 41 years old. After his mother’s passing, Perry took a DNA test with his brother, revealing that they did not share the same father.

He then took a test with Emmitt Perry Sr., confirming his long-held suspicion: Emmitt was not his biological father. This revelation brought relief to Perry, who had endured years of abuse under the man he once believed to be his father.

Current Relationship with Emmitt Perry Sr.

Despite the tumultuous past and the revelation about his paternity, Tyler Perry continues to provide financial support to Emmitt Perry Sr. Emmitt receives a monthly check from Perry and lives in a house purchased by him. However, their relationship remains distant, with no communication beyond the financial support.


While Emmitt Perry Sr. is not Tyler Perry’s biological father, he played a significant role in his life. Despite the challenges and revelations, Perry has chosen to support Emmitt, demonstrating his resilience and capacity for forgiveness. As of now, Emmitt Perry Sr. is still alive.


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