Is Troy Aikman Gay? The Truth Behind the NFL Legend’s Rumors

Troy Aikman stands as one of the most accomplished and revered quarterbacks in NFL history. He guided the Dallas Cowboys to three Super Bowl victories in the 1990s and earned his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006. Additionally, he’s a well-known sports broadcaster and analyst at Fox Sports.

Nonetheless, despite his illustrious career and fame, Aikman has been haunted by long-standing rumors regarding his sexuality. Is Troy Aikman gay, or are these rumors simply baseless and malicious? In this blog post, we aim to address this question and uncover the truth behind the persistent speculations surrounding the NFL legend.

What sparked the rumors about Troy Aikman’s sexuality?

The rumors surrounding Troy Aikman’s sexuality took root in 1996 with the release of a controversial book titled “Hell-Bent,” authored by Skip Bayless, a former Dallas columnist who is currently affiliated with Fox Sports. The book presented a critical and sensationalized account of the Cowboys’ dynasty and their coach, Barry Switzer. Within its pages, Bayless alleged that Aikman’s sexuality was a “significant locker room issue” during that period and that supporters of Switzer had spread rumors regarding Aikman’s sexual orientation.

Bayless claimed that he received this information from three off-duty police officers associated with the team, with one of them asserting that Aikman had a relationship with a male member of a country-western band. Bayless, however, made it clear that he neither knew nor cared whether Aikman was gay but hinted at the possibility.

How did Troy Aikman respond to these rumors?

Troy Aikman was deeply angered and hurt by the rumors and the contents of the book. He categorically denied being gay and asserted that Bayless lacked any credible evidence or sources to support his claims. Aikman contended that Bayless was resorting to sensationalism and controversy to boost book sales.

He felt betrayed and targeted by Bayless, someone he had never met or spoken to before. Moreover, he believed that these rumors inflicted damage upon his reputation, his image, as well as his family and friends. He underlined that he held no ill will against the LGBTQ+ community but wanted to clarify his own sexual orientation, stating that he is not gay.

Aikman has not forgiven Bayless for writing the book and perpetuating the rumors. He has steadfastly declined to engage in discussions or collaborations with him at Fox Sports. His disappointment and frustration with Fox Sports for hiring Bayless in 2016 have also been made apparent. Aikman made it clear that he does not hold Bayless in high regard as either a journalist or as an individual.

What is Troy Aikman’s marital status? Who is his wife?

Troy Aikman is married to Capa Mooty, a former soccer player who attended Eastern Michigan University. The couple’s paths crossed in 2016 through mutual acquaintances, and they became engaged in 2017. Their nuptials took place in September 2017 at Biltmore Four Seasons in Montecito, California.

From their prior marriages, Aikman and Mooty collectively have four children. Aikman has two daughters, Jordan and Alexa, from his previous marriage to Rhonda Worthey. The marriage with Worthey ended in divorce in 2011 after 11 years. Mooty has two sons, Luke and Val, from her previous marriage to Jerry Mooty, which concluded in divorce in 2013 after 14 years.

Aikman and Mooty share a strong bond of love and happiness. They regularly share their family moments and photographs on their social media accounts, and they support each other in their respective careers and interests. Aikman has expressed that Mooty is his soulmate and closest confidante.

In conclusion:

Troy Aikman is unequivocally not gay; he identifies as a heterosexual man. He is happily married to Capa Mooty and is the father of four children. Throughout his career, Aikman consistently denied the rumors about his sexual orientation, which have haunted him since 1996.

He remains deeply aggrieved at Skip Bayless for initiating these rumors through his book and for his affiliation with Fox Sports. Aikman deserves recognition and respect for his exceptional talent and character, establishing himself as one of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks.

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