Is Rihanna Pregnant? Everything We Know About Her Second Baby

Rihanna stands as one of the world’s most accomplished and influential artists. She also proudly embraces her role as a mother of two. During her Super Bowl halftime show in February 2023, she astounded and delighted her fans by announcing her second pregnancy. Her first child, a son named Rza, was welcomed into the world in May 2022, alongside her partner, A$AP Rocky. Here’s what we know about Rihanna’s second child.

When is Rihanna’s due date?

Rihanna has chosen not to disclose her exact due date, but given her Super Bowl appearance, she was likely in her second trimester at that time. This suggests that her second child is expected to arrive in the summer or fall of 2023. As of October 2023, Rihanna continues to be expecting and radiates with anticipation.

What is the gender of Rihanna’s second child?

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have opted to keep the gender of their second child a secret, much like they did with their first. They revealed their first child’s gender, a boy, only after his birth. Nonetheless, some fans speculate that Rihanna may be expecting a girl, partly based on her pink-themed Met Gala ensemble in May 2023.

How does Rihanna’s second pregnancy differ from her first?

Rihanna has shared insights into her second pregnancy in various interviews, highlighting its differences from her first. She has mentioned experiencing nausea without the cravings she had before and noted that everything feels distinct. However, she expresses enjoyment and energy throughout this journey.

Rihanna has also disclosed her plans for a musical comeback post-pregnancy, working on two albums and a world tour. She misses performing and creating music for her fans and hints at exciting surprises in store for them.

How do Rihanna and A$AP Rocky feel about being parents of two?

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are elated and eagerly await the arrival of their second child. They’ve expressed their love for their son Rza, affectionately referring to him as their “little king,” and they describe him as intelligent, amusing, and adorable. Although they’ve shared glimpses of him on social media, they’re vigilant about safeguarding his privacy.

The couple also conveys their love and unwavering support for one another and describes themselves as a formidable team. Having been together since 2019, they’ve remained inseparable. Engagement rumors have swirled around them, but they’ve neither confirmed nor denied them.


Rihanna’s radiant and joyous pregnancy with her second child has captivated the public. She and A$AP Rocky eagerly anticipate the arrival of their new addition and are simultaneously gearing up for a musical resurgence. Their relationship stands as a powerful and endearing example for those seeking to balance family and career in the industry.

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