Is Professor Obie Gay? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Professor Obie, portrayed by actor Dorien Wilson, is a fictional character in the comedy series The Parkers. As the love interest of Nikki Parker, Obie, a professor of African-American studies at Santa Monica College, finds himself the subject of Nikki’s persistent pursuit.

The question of Professor Obie’s real-life sexuality has circulated for some time, particularly after comedian Katt Williams made a joke about it in his stand-up show. So, what is the truth behind this speculation? Is Dorien Wilson gay, straight, or somewhere in between? Let’s explore.

The Origin of the Rumor

The rumor about Professor Obie’s sexual orientation originated as a joke by Katt Williams, a friend and former co-star of Dorien Wilson. During his stand-up show, Katt Williams shared an anecdote about witnessing two men kissing at a party and humorously asked, “Is one of them niggas Professor Obie?” Although the joke was intended for humor, it led some individuals to misconstrue it, sparking false rumors about Dorien Wilson’s sexuality.

The Truth About Dorien Wilson’s Sexuality

Dorien Wilson is not gay and has never identified as such. Despite the jest by Katt Williams, Wilson has consistently affirmed his heterosexuality. He was married to Joann, whom he met in sixth grade, and they tied the knot in 1986. The couple, parents to Sarita and Devin, divorced amicably in 2018 but maintain a friendly co-parenting relationship.

Wilson, having dated women such as Tia Carrere, Anjelah Johnson, and Chelsea Handler, describes himself as presently single. He focuses on his career and his children, embodying a life that extends beyond the false rumors surrounding his sexual orientation.


Professor Obie remains a cherished character, brilliantly brought to life by the talented actor Dorien Wilson. The speculation about his real-life sexuality, stemming from a comedic remark, is unfounded. Dorien Wilson is a straight and remarkable individual, recognized for his contributions both on and off the screen. It is important to celebrate him for who he is—Dorien Wilson, an exceptional and awesome person.

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