Is Lil Mabu Dating Anyone? The Rapper’s Love Life Revealed

Lil Mabu, the up-and-coming rapper known for hits like “Miss Me” and “No Cap,” has captured the spotlight with his music. He’s collaborated with fellow artists, including Dusty Locane, DD Osama, and Chrisean Rock. But what about his romantic relationships? Let’s explore a concise summary of Lil Mabu’s romantic journey.

Lil Mabu and Nessa Barrett: Friends or Lovers?

In June 2023, Lil Mabu shared an Instagram photo alongside singer Nessa Barrett, humorously captioned “Two 5’s don’t equal a 10.” This prom-themed picture ignited dating rumors, but it appears that they are simply friends. Nessa is currently focused on her music career. Lil Mabu’s social media also showcases his interactions with other musicians like Pnb Rock and Lil Durk.

Lil Mabu and Chrisean Rock: Teasing or Dating?

In October 2023, Lil Mabu and reality star and rapper Chrisean Rock teased a collaboration, hinting at a diss track aimed at her ex, Blueface. They shared videos of their studio sessions and a music video shoot, appearing close and playful. While some fans speculated about a romantic involvement, others believed they might just be trolling Blueface. Neither Lil Mabu nor Chrisean Rock confirmed or denied any relationship status.


At present, Lil Mabu is not romantically involved with anyone. He’s relishing his single life and channeling his energies into his music career. While past rumors have swirled around his love life, none have materialized into confirmed relationships. He remains an inspirational figure for aspiring rap enthusiasts.

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