Is Josh Gad Gay? The Actor Opens Up About His Sexuality

Josh Gad, the actor, comedian, and singer, is renowned for his roles, including voicing Olaf in the Frozen franchise, portraying Le Fou in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast, and starring in The Book of Mormon on Broadway.

He has also appeared in movies like The Rocker, The Internship, Pixels, and Murder on the Orient Express. For a considerable time, his sexual orientation has been the subject of conjecture and debate. Here’s what he has disclosed regarding his sexuality.

Addressing the Speculation

Rumors regarding Josh Gad’s sexuality emerged in 2019 when a man named Masin Elije sued him for alleged sexual harassment. Elije asserted that he had a romantic relationship with Gad, during which Gad purportedly made threats of violence when Elije tried to end the relationship.

Elije also claimed that Gad had engaged in sexual encounters with other men and transgender women. To support his claims, Elije provided evidence such as text message screenshots and phone call records with Gad. He also posted a video on Twitter where he made various allegations against Gad.

Gad unequivocally denied these allegations, stating that he did not know Elije. He also maintained that he is not gay and that he was a victim of extortion. Subsequently, he filed a countersuit against Elije, accusing him of defamation and invasion of privacy.

A Bisexual Revelation

In 2023, Josh Gad publicly disclosed that he identifies as bisexual during another lawsuit, this time initiated by a man named Stephen Harper. Harper accused Gad of sexual assault, battery, false imprisonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Harper claimed that he met Gad on Instagram, and while their initial encounter was consensual, Gad allegedly coerced him into a sexual encounter involving another person, referred to as “Kitty,” without his consent.

Gad admitted to engaging in sexual activities with Harper and “Kitty,” but he contended that all parties involved had given their consent. He also declared himself as “single-ish,” implying that he was not in a committed relationship with anyone.

This revelation marked Gad’s coming out as bisexual, a step he took after concealing his true self for many years. He explained that fear of judgment and rejection from family, friends, fans, and the entertainment industry had kept him in the closet. Gad expressed his desire for authenticity and happiness.

Mixed Reactions

The reaction to Josh Gad’s revelation was mixed. Some lauded his courage and honesty, commending him for challenging stereotypes surrounding sexuality and masculinity. They viewed him as an inspiration, especially for those in the LGBTQ+ community who grapple with their identity.

Conversely, some criticized Gad for his previous lack of transparency, considering him dishonest and hypocritical. They contended that he had misled people about his sexuality and caused harm along the way. Additionally, they believed that his actions made him a poor role model for his younger fans and called for him to take responsibility.

Despite the mixed response, Gad understood the backlash but hoped for more acceptance and tolerance. He expressed no regret about coming out as bisexual, feeling more liberated and authentic than ever before.

In Conclusion

Josh Gad is not gay but identifies as bisexual. He made this revelation in 2023, prompted by legal disputes with individuals who claimed to have had sexual relationships with him. Despite facing both praise and criticism for his disclosure, Gad expressed his happiness and pride in embracing his true self. His journey is emblematic of a man who struggled with his sexuality but ultimately found liberation and authenticity.

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