Is Jace Norman Dead? The Truth About the Henry Danger Star’s Rumored Demise

Jace Norman, the actor renowned for his role as Henry Hart/Kid Danger in the popular Nickelodeon series Henry Danger, has been subjected to persistent death rumors. The 23-year-old star, who has also featured in various other Nickelodeon productions, has been falsely reported as deceased by certain fans and websites.

But is Jace Norman truly deceased, or are these rumors merely unfounded and malicious? In this blog post, we will uncover the truth regarding Jace Norman’s well-being and provide insights into his recent activities.

How did the rumors regarding Jace Norman’s demise originate?

The rumors concerning Jace Norman’s passing first surfaced in 2023, when certain fans and news outlets claimed that he had met an untimely end due to a car accident, a drug overdose, or suicide. Fake obituaries and tributes were even circulated on social media, causing confusion and panic among his devoted followers.

Several of these rumors originated from prank websites, including, which falsely asserted that Jace Norman had passed away as of October 2023. Other sources involved clickbait websites like, which utilized misleading headlines and images to deceive readers into believing Jace Norman was no more.

Is Jace Norman alive? How did he respond to these rumors?

To answer the question, “Is Jace Norman alive?”—yes, he is. As of November 2023, the actor is alive and well, having refuted these rumors on multiple occasions. He has also expressed his frustration and anger towards those who propagated these false claims.

In October 2023, Jace Norman released a video on his Instagram account, addressing the death rumors and reassuring his fans of his well-being. He expressed his shock and hurt in the face of these false reports and couldn’t comprehend why anyone would spread such falsehoods. He conveyed his gratitude for his fans’ unwavering support and love, and he hoped these rumors would cease.

In November 2023, Jace Norman took to his Twitter account to denounce the prank and clickbait websites that had falsely reported his death. He labeled these websites as irresponsible and disrespectful and urged them to be ashamed of their actions. He also affirmed his happiness and good health and mentioned that he was actively engaged in exciting projects.

What has Jace Norman been occupied with lately?

Jace Norman has been dedicated to his career and personal life, refusing to allow the death rumors to deter him. He has been involved in several projects, including:

  1. “Henry Danger: The Movie”: Jace Norman is set to reprise his role as Henry Hart/Kid Danger in a movie adaptation of the beloved Nickelodeon series “Henry Danger.” The film is scheduled for release on Paramount+ in 2022 and will feature the original cast and crew.
  2. “Adam’s Song”: Jace Norman will play the role of Matty in a short film titled “Adam’s Song,” directed by his brother, Xander Norman. The film revolves around a young man grappling with his sexuality and his relationship with his father and is expected to be released in 2023.
  3. Creator Edge Media: Jace Norman is the co-founder and CEO of Creator Edge Media, a platform connecting social media influencers with brands and opportunities. He launched the company in 2017 and has been devoted to its expansion and enhancement.

Moreover, Jace Norman has been enjoying a fulfilling personal life, being in a relationship with actress Shelby Simmons since 2020. The couple frequently shares delightful photos and videos of their shared experiences on social media, supporting each other’s professional pursuits and accomplishments.

In Conclusion:

In summary, Jace Norman is very much alive and thriving. He remains content and in good health while actively contributing to a range of engaging projects. He has consistently refuted the death rumors and criticized the prank and clickbait websites responsible for spreading them. Jace Norman, celebrated for his remarkable talent and character, deserves respect and admiration from his fans and the public alike.

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