Is Hilary Duff Pregnant? The Truth Behind the Viral Rumors

Hilary Duff, the renowned actress and singer celebrated for her role as Lizzie McGuire, officially confirmed her fourth pregnancy with husband Matthew Koma in December 2023 through an Instagram announcement.

The couple, married in 2019, already shares two daughters, Banks and Mae, while Duff also has a son, Luca, from her previous marriage to Mike Comrie.

Despite the joyful revelation, rumors about Duff’s pregnancy circulated prior to her official announcement, fueled by certain posts and photos allegedly indicating her condition. Let’s delve into the details to discern fact from fiction.

Genesis of the Rumors

The rumors originated from a TikTok video by singer Noah Vela, who asserted that Duff and Koma had disclosed their pregnancy during an interview with him.

Noah claimed to possess exclusive footage of the interview and encouraged his followers to stream his new song to unlock it. Alongside the video was a screenshot portraying Duff and Koma holding hands and smiling.

The TikTok gained swift popularity, picked up by various media outlets and gossip blogs reporting the news as genuine. While numerous fans embraced the revelation and extended congratulations, others maintained skepticism, pointing out that the video seemed more like a prank and a publicity stunt by Vela to promote his music.

Duff’s Response

Known for maintaining privacy about her pregnancies, Duff promptly addressed the rumor. On January 15, 2024, she posted a statement on her Instagram story, vehemently denying the rumor and calling out Vela for disseminating falsehoods and leveraging her name for attention.

In her statement, Duff expressed, “This is so fake and disrespectful. I’m not pregnant, and I don’t even know this guy. He’s just trying to get attention and streams for his song. Please don’t fall for his lies and don’t support his music. He’s a scammer and a fraud.”

Duff’s response definitively debunked the pregnancy rumor, highlighting her disapproval of the prank and her commitment to safeguarding her reputation and privacy. Fans lauded her for addressing the situation with grace and honesty.

The Truth About Duff’s Pregnancy

Contrary to the initial misinformation, Hilary Duff is indeed pregnant. However, she chose to reveal this on her own terms, deviating from the fake interview narrative.

On December 12, 2023, Duff shared a photo of her family’s holiday card featuring her three kids and Koma posing in a bedroom, with Duff placing her hand on her baby bump. The card humorously read, “So much for silent nights. Love, the Duff-Bair-Comrie Crew.”

Duff disclosed that she and Koma opted to keep the baby’s gender a surprise until birth, considering it one of the greatest gifts and surprises from God. She continued to share her pregnancy journey on Instagram, including photos of her growing belly, anecdotes about the challenges and joys of pregnancy, and updates on the baby’s kicks and movements.

The couple welcomed their fourth child, a baby boy, in February 2024. Duff announced the birth on her Instagram account on March 6, 2024, a month after the delivery, sharing a heartfelt message along with a photo of herself holding the newborn wrapped in a blue blanket and wearing a blue hat.


Hilary Duff’s pregnancy rumors stemmed from a viral TikTok prank, promptly addressed and dismissed by Duff herself. She later revealed her pregnancy on her terms through a heartwarming family holiday card.

With the arrival of their fourth child, a baby boy, in February 2024, Duff continues to share her joyous journey with fans. An exceptional mother, wife, and star, Hilary Duff rightfully commands respect and admiration from her fans and the media.

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