Is Captain Kerry Gay? The Truth Behind His Relationship Status

Captain Kerry Titheradge, the newly appointed leader of Below Deck Season 11, has quickly captured the attention of both viewers and crew members alike. Hailing from Australia, the captain has showcased his professionalism, charm, and sense of humor, alongside his profound love for yachting and adventure.

Amidst discussions about his personal life, which include his divorce, children, and current girlfriend, speculation persists: Is Captain Kerry gay? In this article, we delve into the swirling rumors and factual realities surrounding his sexuality and romantic life.

Unraveling the Rumors: Is Captain Kerry Gay?

The speculation about Captain Kerry’s sexuality gained traction following his appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. During a segment titled “Do! Gay Guys! Give a Damn!?: Vacation Edition,” Captain Kerry demonstrated a keen understanding and appreciation of various aspects of gay culture.

While some interpreted his participation as indicative of his sexual orientation, others scrutinized his demeanor, mannerisms, and past experiences, pondering whether he might be concealing his true identity or harboring undisclosed attractions.

Examining the Facts: Captain Kerry’s Love Life

Contrary to speculation, Captain Kerry identifies as straight and is happily involved in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Ghönül Bihan. This fact has been confirmed through multiple interviews and social media posts wherein Captain Kerry openly expresses his affection and gratitude towards his partner.

Captain Kerry and Ghönül crossed paths while working together on a yacht a few years ago, with Ghönül serving as the chief stewardess and Captain Kerry as the captain.

Despite initial clashes leading to Ghönül’s resignation, their paths reconverged following Captain Kerry’s divorce from his ex-wife, Jennifer, with whom he shares two children. Their rekindled connection blossomed into a loving partnership characterized by shared passions for yachting, travel, and adventure.

Through heartfelt Instagram posts and videos, Captain Kerry affectionately refers to Ghönül as his “lovely lady,” “soulmate,” and “best friend,” showering praise upon her beauty, intelligence, and kindness. Grateful for her unwavering support in both his personal and professional endeavors, Captain Kerry humorously remarks on her enduring admiration despite any perceived flaws.


Captain Kerry’s sexual orientation is unequivocally heterosexual, and he remains steadfast in his commitment to Ghönül Bihan. While he has engaged in light-hearted banter regarding gay culture, he has never shied away from affirming his identity or relationship status. Furthermore, Captain Kerry advocates for LGBTQ+ inclusivity and emphasizes the importance of happiness and kindness regardless of one’s sexual orientation.

As Captain Kerry continues to navigate life’s voyages with resilience and positivity, we extend our best wishes to him and Ghönül. Their love story serves as a testament to the transformative power of connection and authenticity, inspiring audiences worldwide. Here’s to Captain Kerry and Ghönül, and the adventures that lie ahead on Below Deck Season 11!

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