Game-winning 3-pointer Sends Lady Tigers to Third Round

January 05, 2019

Mackenzie Ogle's game-winning 3-pointer with less than a second to go sent the Mark Twain Lady Tigers to the third round of play in the Salisbury Tournament.

The Ladies played hard and fought back from behind multiple times to get to the final minutes of the fourth quarter. The first quarter wasn't good for Mark Twain and they trailed 15-25.

Gaining speed and aggression in the second quarter helped the Ladies put more points on the board. Their defense hurried the Meadville Lady Eagles forcing turnovers and keeping them to only 3 points while Mark Twain added 11 points to close the half 26-28.

Meadville came back and midway through the third quarter the Ladies trailed 27-35. With 1:53 minutes to go it was29-39 and the quarter ended with the Ladies down nine points.

The fourth quarter was a blur of motion as both teams fought to keep possession and score. Fouls were called and the crowd reacted noisily to some of the more dubious calls. It's a testament to the players' focus that they tuned out the crowd and kept their head in the game. Halfway through the quarter the score stood at 44-45 and from there on the Ladies took charge. Ogle hit 15 of her 24 points in the fourth quarter. At 1:48 minutes the score was 48-49 and a foul sent Meadville to the line. The Eagles were able to add two free throws and the Ladies trailed 48-51 with 22 seconds to go. Ogle busted a 3-pointer to tie the score 51-51. Both teams fought hard and Mark Twain regained possession. With one second to go a pass was made to Ogle who stood ready just outside the arc. With a jump and flick of her wrist the ball sailed high and swished through the net.

"The crowd went wild" is an understatement. The players jumped into each others' arms, "like we had just won the state championship."

Ogle led the team with 24 points, including four 3-pointers.

Elizabeth Trower added 13 points including three 3-pointers.

Emma Ross put up 9 points and was 3 for 5 from the line.

Autumn Arndt added 8 points, going 2 for 6 from the line.

The Lady Tigers play Salisbury Lady Panthers for third place at 3 p.m. Saturday.