Dwyane Wade Divorce: Are Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Headed for a Split?

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, renowned Hollywood couple, have been happily married since 2014, sharing a daughter, Kaavia, and Wade’s three sons from previous relationships. Despite recent gossip suggesting marital issues and an impending divorce, it’s crucial to examine the available evidence.

The Breakup Rumors

Speculation about their breakup arose when the celebrity gossip outlet, Deuxmoi, reported alleged separation. Anonymous messages claimed Wade’s infidelity, citing instances of him without a wedding ring and appearing close to another woman at an event. However, the outlet acknowledged the lack of concrete proof, emphasizing that these were hearsay.

The Social Media Clues

Concerns grew as fans noticed Union’s month-long absence from posting photos of Wade and his children. Some observed both Wade and Union without wedding rings in recent social media posts. However, others argued that this was not unusual for Wade and that Union occasionally takes social media breaks. They pointed to Halloween posts and a video of Wade and Kaavia dancing as recent positive indications.

The Cryptic Message

Adding to the speculation, Union shared a cryptic message on Instagram, hinting at potential unhappiness. The message emphasized clarity, truth, and transparency, leading some to speculate about discovering Wade’s alleged infidelity. Yet, others suggested it was a general statement about personal growth, unrelated to their relationship.

The Truth Behind the Rumors

Despite the rumors, there is no official confirmation or denial from Wade or Union regarding their marriage. Multiple sources have debunked the speculations, affirming the couple’s continued happiness. Snopes and Fresherslive articles dismissed the rumors as unfounded, emphasizing the lack of supporting evidence. The couple’s silence on the matter suggests they are focused on their family and careers.


In conclusion, rumors surrounding Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s divorce appear baseless. While the couple has not directly addressed the speculations, there is no substantial evidence supporting the claims. Positive signs of their relationship persist on social media, indicating that they are still happily together. Until Wade or Union officially comment on their marriage, caution is advised against believing everything circulated on the internet.

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