Dorit and PK’s Divorce Rumors: Are They Still Together?

Dorit and PK Kemsley stand out as one of the most glamorous and successful couples on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Married for over a decade, the fashion designer and music manager share two adorable children, Jagger and Phoenix. However, their journey together has been shadowed by persistent rumors of infidelity, financial woes, and possible separation. In this narrative, we delve into the truth behind the divorce speculations surrounding Dorit and PK.

Origin of Divorce Rumors

The whispers of a potential divorce gained traction following the premiere of RHOBH Season 13 on October 25, 2023. During the episode, Dorit and PK shared the trauma of a 2021 armed robbery at their home. Dorit admitted to ongoing PTSD, expressing discomfort in their new residence. PK, on the other hand, seemed less understanding, expressing a desire to return to London, where he felt more at ease.

The episode also captured a tense exchange between the couple, where financial disagreements surfaced. Dorit accused PK of excessive spending on luxury items, while PK countered, accusing Dorit of ingratitude and a sense of entitlement. Disagreements over child-rearing and balancing work and family life further fueled speculation.

Response to Divorce Rumors

Despite the swirling rumors, Dorit and PK vehemently denied any truth to the divorce speculations. In a joint statement to PEOPLE on October 26, 2023, they affirmed their commitment to working through challenges:

“We remain committed to working through these issues as a united couple for our family. We have not separated nor are we planning to do so.”

They reinforced this stance on social media, sharing affectionate photos and videos and thanking fans for their support while requesting privacy.

On the show, Dorit and PK addressed the rumors directly, emphasizing their transparency about struggles, ongoing efforts to improve communication, and love for each other.

Co-Stars’ Reactions to Divorce Rumors

Co-stars of Dorit and PK had varied reactions to the divorce rumors. Some expressed support, attesting to the couple’s genuine affection for each other and attributing the challenges to the pressures of public life. Others, however, expressed doubts, suspecting hidden aspects to the story and questioning the authenticity of Dorit and PK’s portrayal on the show.

Notably, Erika Jayne, dealing with her divorce drama, emerged as a vocal critic, making jokes about Dorit and PK’s marriage and casting doubt on their happiness and fidelity. She also raised questions about their finances and lifestyle.


Contrary to the divorce rumors, Dorit and PK remain a united and happy couple, addressing their challenges together. While they faced scrutiny and criticism from media and co-stars, especially Erika Jayne, they defended their relationship, emphasizing their love and pride in their family. The Kemsleys’ journey on RHOBH showcases both glamour and struggles, underscoring their resilience as a couple. In the face of speculation, they stand as an inspiration to those who admire their talent, honesty, and perseverance, wishing them the best in their future endeavors.

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