Dexter King Wife: The Woman Beside Dexter Scott King

Dexter Scott King, the youngest son of the revered civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., left an indelible mark on history. On Monday, January 22, 2024, at the age of 62, he peacefully succumbed to prostate cancer at his Malibu home.

Surviving him is his wife of 11 years, Leah Weber King, a woman who shared a heartfelt tribute to her late husband on social media. In light of this, let’s explore the life of Leah Weber and the story of her union with Dexter King.

Dexter King Wife: A Trailblazing Entrepreneur and Former Journalist

Leah Weber is not just Dexter King’s wife; she is a successful entrepreneur and a former broadcast journalist with a rich professional background at CNN and NBC.

As the founder and CEO of WEBerize, a digital marketing agency, she aids businesses in enhancing their online presence. Additionally, Leah co-founded and serves as the president of the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, a nonprofit organization dedicated to perpetuating the legacies of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King.

Born and raised in Kentucky, Leah pursued journalism at the University of Kentucky. Her journey led her to Atlanta in 1999, where she contributed as a reporter and producer for various news outlets. It was in 2007 that she crossed paths with Dexter King, then the chairman and CEO of the King Center, sparking a friendship that blossomed into a romantic relationship in 2009.

The Private Pillars of Each Other’s Lives

Leah Weber and Dexter King exchanged vows in a private California ceremony in July 2013, opting to keep their relationship discreet, rarely appearing together in public. However, their bond thrived on mutual support, a love that echoed through their endeavors.

Amid Dexter King’s battle with cancer, diagnosed in 2019, Leah stood steadfastly by his side. She not only provided emotional support but also played a pivotal role in managing his affairs and projects.

One notable collaboration was the production of the documentary “King in the Wilderness,” a testament to Dexter King’s commitment to his father’s legacy, released in 2020. Leah continued to champion Dexter’s involvement in social justice causes, including voting rights, racial equality, and environmental protection.

A Heartfelt Farewell and Gratitude

Leah Weber announced the passing of her husband on January 22, 2024, with a poignant message on Instagram, paying tribute to the man who touched countless lives. In her words:

 “It is with profound sadness and a heavy heart that I share with you the passing of my beloved husband, Dexter Scott King. He transitioned peacefully in his sleep at home with me in Malibu… Rest in power, my king. I love you forever.”

Alongside her message, Leah shared an endearing photo of her and Dexter King, accompanied by a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”


Leah Weber, the wife of the late Dexter Scott King, emerges not just as a supportive partner but as a trailblazing entrepreneur and a guardian of the King legacy. Her commitment to Dexter’s vision and her role as co-founder and president of the King Center exemplify her dedication to upholding the values instilled by her husband and his esteemed parents.

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