Caley Chelios Pregnant: The Sports Reporter Who is Making Waves in the Media Industry

Caley Chelios is not just a sports reporter but a seasoned sports journalist, renowned for covering the NHL for the Tampa Bay Lightning, amassing over a decade of experience in the media industry.

Adding to her notable background is her lineage as the daughter of former NHL legend Chris Chelios, a four-time Stanley Cup winner with three different teams. However, what truly sets Caley Chelios apart is her recent revelation of pregnancy, shared with her Instagram followers.

Discovery of Pregnancy

On October 9, 2023, Caley Chelios joyfully disclosed her pregnancy news, posting images with the caption “Baby number three coming this spring!” The announcement revealed that she was expecting twins, a boy and a girl, due in May 2024.

Expressing gratitude to her husband Danny Vitale, a fellow hockey player with the Green Bay Packers, she acknowledged his unwavering support and love throughout this journey.

Juggling Career and Family

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Caley Chelios has adeptly balanced her career and family responsibilities. Working remotely from home, she has participated in game coverage through video feeds.

Amidst her professional commitments, she has relished precious moments with her husband and their two dogs, Billy and Casamigos. She articulates feeling “blessed” and “grateful” for the presence of such a loving family.

Inspiring Women in Sports Journalism

Beyond her accomplishments as a sports reporter, Caley Chelios stands as an inspiration for women in sports journalism. Recognized for her professionalism, passion, and integrity in NHL coverage, she has also garnered praise for her beauty, style, and charismatic personality from various magazines and brands. Expressing her aspirations, she hopes to motivate women to pursue their dreams and passions across diverse fields.


Caley Chelios, the pregnant sports reporter, is making significant strides in the media industry. Anticipating the arrival of twins with her husband Danny Vitale, she seamlessly manages her professional duties remotely while cherishing moments with her family.

Grateful for her blessings, she aims to inspire women to pursue their aspirations wholeheartedly, irrespective of the chosen field.

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