An Open Letter to the Residents of Ralls County:

March 23, 2020

Please know that the Commission, our community's Fire Departments/First Responders, Ambulance District, Health Department, 911, Sheriff's personnel, Ralls County Emergency Management Director Eric Murfin and the Ralls RII School District have been working together to ensure that we are prepared for the COVID-19. While it must be acknowledged that this situation can change very quickly, below are some of the steps taken to date –

- The Ralls County Ambulance District has set up a remote command center.

- The Ralls/Marion 911 has reactivated the 911 center in Ralls County

- Fire Departments/Ambulance/Sheriff's Office have developed procedures to respond to calls while protecting responders.

- The Sheriff's office is working with the city police departments and Missouri State Highway Patrol to develop a plan to provide protection and coverage for the county.
- The New London Fire Department has offered their training facility as a site that may be used to house any responders that may have exposure to COVID-19. The Ralls County Commissioners will be providing assistance to ensure the building is ready for use by these men and women.
- All officeholders in the Ralls County Courthouse have plans in place to continue to provide necessary services to the public during this crisis.

- The Ralls County Clerk has procedures in place to allow for voting in the upcoming election and for people to file to become a candidate.

- Judge Shepherd and Judge Mobley will be working with the Missouri Supreme Court to ensure that needed court actions will be carried out.

- A system is in place to allow title companies to perform their searches using the County's database so home loans can proceed.
- Probation and Parole interviews will be done over the phone.
- The Ralls County Extension office will be holding meetings via ZOOM (a video internet program)
- Presently the Road and Bridge Department is working full strength.
All of us involved in the public's safety are committed to this effort and are working together. Each person is doing their part and we want to thank them for the accomplishments listed above. We are fortunate to have each of them.
The one thing we could have done better was to keep the Ralls County Residents updated. Hopefully this letter will answer some of the question you may have. As always please contact us anytime. Wiley Hibbard 573-248-6885, John Lake 573-248-8791, R.C. Harlow 573-406-4827.
Ralls County has always been a great place to live, and with the strength of our people we believe it is the best place to be during this emergency. By our taking care of each other, praying for each other, and by us all doing the next right thing, we truly believe that Ralls Countians can come through this crisis.

Wiley, John and R.C.