March 19, 2020

Presiding Judge Rachel Bringer Shepherd has announced the following changes

to court operations in the Tenth Judicial Circuit:
By order of the Marion, Monroe, and Ralls County Commissions, the doors to

the Courthouses of the Tenth Judicial Circuit in Palmyra, Hannibal, Paris,

and New London are now locked. Members of the public having business that

needs to be conducted in person in the Courthouse may call the number of

the office they are wishing to visit to receive further instructions.

Electronic filing (e-filing) of cases will continue unchanged at this time.

The Circuit Court employees are still working inside the courthouse. Any

person entering the courthouse, including attorneys, may be subject to a

temperature check and additional health assessment.
By order of the Missouri Supreme Court, the following persons shall not

enter the Courthouses of the Tenth Judicial Circuit or any of the court


- Persons who have traveled to any foreign county within the last 14 days;

- Persons who reside or have had close contact with someone who has

travelled to any foreign country within the last 14 days;

- Persons who have been asked to self-quarantine by any doctor, hospital or

health agency;

- Persons who have been diagnosed with, or have had contact with, anyone

who has been diagnosed with COVID-19; and

- Persons with unexplained fever, cough or shortness of breath.
In-person court hearings that do not involve emergency safety issues or

have immediate impact on constitutional rights have been suspended by the

Missouri Supreme Court through April 3rd. If you have a hearing scheduled

before April 6, 2020, please check Missouri Casenet for rescheduling

information or contact your attorney for updates. You may also call the

Circuit Clerks' offices for more information. The numbers are:

Palmyra--573-769-2550; Hannibal--573-221-0198; Paris--877-433-3061; New

Members of the public needing assistance from the Circuit Court are

instructed as follows:

1. Orders of Protection, Please call the Circuit Clerk's office to receive

the forms for completion. You may also call Avenues at 573-406-1400 for

assistance with completing the order of protection forms. When the forms

are completed, please drop them in the drop box outside of the courthouse

and notify the Circuit Clerk's office by phone that the forms are

completed and ready for filing.

2. Mental Health emergencies/96 hour holds/emergency guardianships:

Please call the Circuit Clerk's office to obtain forms needed for filing.

You may also call Mark Twain Behavioral Health at 573-221-2120 (Marion and

Ralls) or the Arthur Center (Ralls and Monroe) at 573-582-1234 for more


3. Payments: Please call the Circuit Clerk's office for information about

online payments through Casenet or

4. Pro se filings (for individuals that are not represented by an

attorney): Please place your documents in the dropbox outside of the

Courthouse, and call the Circuit Clerk's office to let them know the

documents are in the box and ready for filing.

5. Weddings: Please call the Circuit Clerk's office for information about

scheduling a wedding.

6. Juvenile matters: Please contact the Juvenile office at 573-221-1182

for further information.

7. Juror forms: Juror questionnaires can be mailed to the Circuit Clerk's

office or placed in the dropboxes at the courthouses.

8. GED Class: The GED/HISET class funded by the Tenth Judicial Circuit

Treatment Court, located at the Shirley Bomar Center in Hannibal, will be

suspended until further notice.
Judge Rachel Bringer Shepherd said, "I am very grateful for cooperation and

understanding in implementing these safety precautions, and if you have any

questions or concerns about court operations or procedures, please do not

hesitate to contact me at 573-221-0579."