Ralls Commissioners Declare State of Emergency

March 19, 2020

NEW LONDON-The Ralls County Commission declared a state of emergency for Ralls County to further the county’s precautionary measures to prepare for the potential spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ralls County Commissioners stressed that at the time of the declaration, there have been no presumptive or confirmed cases within Ralls County and that the declaration is simply a proactive measure to allow unified effort to prepare for and ensure a coordinated response to any COVID-19 impacts within Ralls County.

The declaration is not meant to be a source of concern or panic; it’s simply to allow us at the local level to activate and request resources from the regional, state and federal levels if needed to include any potential reimbursements to impacted jurisdictions.

The Ralls County Commission stated this declaration aligns Ralls County with actions at the state and federal levels.

The Ralls County Commission signed the declaration Thursday.