Letter to the Editor

March 12, 2020

Dear Editor:
Referring to Food for Thought by Eric Hamilton Feb 27, 2020 issue I offer the following to his commentary.
Your constant barrage of criticism for our President Trump continues non-stop. The stress of awakening each morning to face another day under Trump’s leadership must be so tiresome for you.
One super positive thing we both have to look forward to will be the reelection of President Trump in the coming election cycle. We will retain the current administration, which will continue to bring positive good fortune to our Great Republic, and, you will continue to have something with which to fire your weekly columns for the ensuing four years.
May God open the eyes of those who cannot see. May He guide and direct those who are in charge of the government to bring the positive change that continues to create such good fortune and opportunity for all Americans, including you.

Most Respectfully

James A. Bair, Jr.

845 787 7190