From the Editor

by Carolyn Trower

By the time you read this we will have survived the opening salvo of Daylight Savings Time and hopefully realigned our internal clocks with the order of the realm. There will have been another Supermoon appearing on Sunday night and shining brightly in the sky. The March full moon is known as the Super Worm Moon, named to mark the time of year when earthworms leave their snug winter burrows and head for the surface. Robins and other returning songbirds feast on the early buffet and signal more signs that the earth is turning back toward the sun. The green shoots of early flowers give further evidence although I have pictures of snow on the daffodils for several years.
Friday the 13th rounds out the week with a trip to Springfield for two of the neighboring schools’ basketball teams headed to the Final Four. Practice for spring sports has begun, prom dresses are hanging on closet doors, and shoppers are looking for new Easter outfits. Spring brings a flurry of activity and the next two months don’t show signs of slowing down.
Ahead are track meets, baseball games, and spring practice for summer softball. School is out early this year and graduation is May 10. Finals and scholarship applications fill the calendar. My family has weekends filled with Confirmation and a two-day dance recital. Sometime in between I hope to have time to enjoy the outdoors and get my daily 15 minutes of sunshine and vitamin D.
March is National Women’s History Month and March 8 was International Women’s Day. TIME magazine’s latest issue has Jacqueline Kennedy’s picture on the front and features “100 Women of the Year” representing notable women from all cultures and all walks of life. Celebrate the women in your life. There are millions who will never make the cover of a magazine but make an impression on your life every day.
Ralls County voters will have marked their primary preferences on March 10 and thoughts will turn to the April and November elections. Whether local, state, or national, I’m sure the months preceding the elections will demand more of our attention. Our paper is neutral on political issues and my editorial will never endorse one candidate over another. I will, however, encourage everyone to pay attention, think for themselves, and vote – each and every one of you. If you aren’t a registered voter, please register as soon as possible.
I sometimes think we fall into a fog of complacency, content with the way things are done by elected officials without really looking behind the curtain. It’s easy to take things for granted when I’m concentrating on watching the game or working on the paper. Like everyone else, I have family demands as well as job responsibilities, and my personal space is pretty solid. But it doesn’t take much to rock the boat.
I’m not anxious over the Coronavirus. I’m taking the suggested safety measures and feel confident that will suffice. I am aware that one accident or one fall down the steps could change everything for me, but I refuse to borrow trouble. I believe we have to live each day with hope and confidence. Wash your hands, say your prayers, and take care of business. Life is good.