The Leader in Me At RCE "Proving a leadership centered environment that honors the greatness in every child."

by Diana Duckworth, Elementary Counselor

This week, students at RCE are celebrating Kindness Week. The Student Lighthouse Team worked to plan the week’s activities, in hopes of promoting kindness at RCE.
This past Thursday, several of the Student Lighthouse Team members stayed after school to blow up nearly 350 balloons. In each balloon, they placed a slip of paper with a kindness challenge written on it. Some of the challenges were to do something nice for their bus driver, tell a joke (at an appropriate time) to make others smile, and mix-it-up at lunch and eat with someone new. The balloons were hung on the bulletin boards outside each of the classrooms and we had a “bang of a good time” on Friday popping balloons and watching kids discover their kindness challenges.
What exactly is the Student Lighthouse Team? Our Student Lighthouse Team is composed of two students from each of the second through fifth grade classrooms. Second and third grade students are selected randomly, but fourth and fifth grade students are responsible for making posters and giving a speech to their classmates in hopes of being elected to the team. We have a fall and spring team so more students get to be involved in this leadership opportunity.
These students help with the planning of many of our school activities. This spring they will be promoting kindness week and will help plan and promote our talent show. The fall team helped plan our Kids’ Leadership Conference and also helped with the fall food drive.
Mrs. Gatson, Dr. Gibson and I serve as the sponsors of the team. We meet every second Friday to gain input from the kids on activities they think would benefit our school. We then work together to organize their thoughts into workable deeds. Every time, I leave the meeting amazed by these students’ creativity. These kids have drive and determination and come up with amazing ideas to help bring joy to our school.
Some of their ideas also bring blisters! Such was the case last week. By the time the students were done blowing up 350 balloons, most of them were wearing bandaids to cover all the blisters. We reminded them that changing the world definitely does not happen without hard work (and blisters in this case)!