Perry Christian Academy’s Staff Spotlight for February Halee Shults, It’s your time to shine!

February 20, 2020

This is Halee’s first year at PCA, where she serves as Academic Director of the school, as well as the 7th & 8th-grade teacher. As a lifelong native of Kansas City, MO, Halee relocated to the area two years ago after accepting the primary Educator position for Parents As Teachers in Monroe County.
Halee holds numerous certifications, including a degree in Child & Family Development, paired with an extensive background in the field of education, family social services, and multi-sensory curricula options for children with diverse needs of all ages. Her passion is immeasurable as she works to stay on the cutting edge, offering viable solutions for children who are often overwhelmed and overlooked in the traditional classroom setting.
Capitalizing on recent findings from the leaders in education throughout the world, Halee has incorporated a small dog into her classroom, quickly seeing the benefits of combining pets with educational needs and emotional attachments, creating an environment where students feel safe to lower walls of anxiety, lessen the blows from past trauma, and embrace learning to unprecedented levels.
PCA benefits greatly from having Ms. Shults on board our team and directing our Academics.

Shine on!