The Leader in Me at Ralls County Elementary

by Diana Duckworth, Elementary Counselor
Front row: Addyson Pendzinski, Brett Heighway, Nora Britt, Tessa Lawrence, Nola Kesler, Elena Berghager, Ayla Allee, Westen Sanders, and Carson Booth.  Back row: Liam Romig, Bennett Bogue, Bentley Davis, Nick Wheeler, Lauren Bladbach, Gage Fountain, Evie Bickel, Kaylee Armour, and Ella Moss Front row: Addyson Pendzinski, Brett Heighway, Nora Britt, Tessa Lawrence, Nola Kesler, Elena Berghager, Ayla Allee, Westen Sanders, and Carson Booth. Back row: Liam Romig, Bennett Bogue, Bentley Davis, Nick Wheeler, Lauren Bladbach, Gage Fountain, Evie Bickel, Kaylee Armour, and Ella Moss

It’s always exciting to celebrate those students chosen as their class’ Habit Hero. In this week’s column, we will be spotlighting those kids who are working hard to become leaders in their classroom, at home, and in our community. Below are the writeups submitted by the teachers for each of our January Habit Heroes.

Brett Heighway is the January Habit Hero for Mrs. Berry’s class. Brett is a great classroom leader because of how hard he works at everything he does! Even when something is difficult, Brett never gives up, and he continues working with a smile on his face. Brett is very good at putting first things first and completes his work before he does something else. Along with being a hard worker, Brett is also a good friend and treats others with kindness.

The January Habit Hero for Miss Myers Kindergarten class is Addyson Pendzinski. Addyson is kind, caring, and helpful to everyone in our class. She synergizes with every student she works with. She is proactive and puts first things first by focusing on her work and the task at hand. Addyson is a wonderful student and a terrific example of a kindergarten habit hero!

Nora Britt is the January Habit Hero in Ms. Hurley’s classroom. Nora has been working very hard to be a brave Kindergarten student. She is also working hard in the classroom to do her very best. We have started writing sentences in our classroom and you can see her confidence grow every day when sounding out her words. Nora is starting to figure out how to spell a word on her own before asking for help! I love to see the smile on her face throughout the day in the classroom and the helping hand that she is always so eager to lend.

Tessa Lawrence is Mrs. Gottman’s January Habit Hero! Tessa is the perfect example of what it means to be a true first grade leader. She comes to school daily ready to work hard, synergize with others, and have a great fun-filled day. At home, Tessa synergizes to help her family out around the house and she has fun by playing games with her brothers. She loves going to the Ralls County Library and participates in the library’s many fun events.

Nola Kesler is Mrs. Hicks’ Habit Hero. Nola comes in each day ready to learn and gives 100% throughout the day. Recently, she has been giving up her free computer time to help another student with their morning classwork. At recess, Nola is a friend to others and always looks for ways to help her friends. Nola is an amazing leader for others to learn from,

Elena Berghager is Mrs. Trower’s first grade Habit Hero. Elena leads by example using the 7 habits. She is a friend to everyone and makes sure to include everyone in the classroom and on the playground. She is always eager to finish her work and then help others. Elena likes to help her family at home too. She brightens up the room with her sweet smile and kind heart. Elena is a leader in and out of school.

Ayla Allee is the January Habit Hero for Mrs. Hathaway’s class. Ayla shows up to school every day with a smile on her face. She is kind to everyone and is more than happy to help a classmate when needed. Ayla puts first things first when it comes to school work. She works hard on her academics both in and out of the classroom. When something is difficult for Ayla, she doesn’t give up but instead tries harder. Ayla can add some cheer to anyone’s day with just a simple hug. We are so thankful to have Ayla be a part of our school family. You make our school a better place to be.

Westen Sanders is the January Habit Hero for Miss Stratton’s class! Westen begins each day with the end in mind. He keeps his workspace organized and ensures he has all necessary items ready to complete his tasks. Westen works hard to complete his work and never hesitates to offer help to a classmate in need. He takes his classroom jobs seriously and volunteers to take on additional jobs when students are absent.

Carson Booth is the January Habit Hero for Ms. Power’s class. Everyday Carson exhibits the 7 Habits. He comes to school prepared and ready to learn. He is kind, dependable, and helpful to his classmates and his teacher. When he completes his assignments, you can usually find him reading a book or finding another activity that will create helpful practice. We enjoy having you as part of our school family Carson and we love how you can make us all smile!

Liam Romig is the January Habit Hero for Mrs. Simpson’s 3rd grade class. Liam demonstrates many of the seven habits. He is extremely proactive. Liam always follows directions and does what he knows is right, even if he's the only one doing it. When he was working on his multiplication facts, Liam decided to challenge himself by learning the hard ones first. He practiced and worked, and sometimes mastered more than one in a day. Liam is a deep thinker, and he always gives his best effort. He's great at synergizing with others, too. In the summer he synergizes with his baseball team.

Bennett Bogue demonstrates many of the 7 Habits on a daily basis and sets an example for others in and outside of the classroom. Bennett is completely in charge of himself and uses that responsibility to help him in many ways. He is always working towards our WIG which takes time and effort at home, in between basketball practice and games. One thing Bennett is aware of is his learning, which helps make him a great student. He understands learning is his #1 job here, and makes goals to improve. Bennett is a great friend and gets along well with everyone! You will do wonderful things in this world, Bennett!

Bentley Davis is the January Habit Hero in Mrs. Lehenbauer’s class. Bentley joined our class late this year, but from her very first week, she impressed her teacher with her practice of the 7 Habits. She tries to create a win-win by sharing her ideas for how to make our classroom and our school and better place. Bentley is incredibly proactive. She entered our classroom ready to learn anything that her new class had already learned, and if she is gone from class for a day, she always checks her absent folder when she returns, so that she can get right to work on any missed assignments. Charting our reading/math WIG has been something new for her, and she has been working hard to remember to chart the extra work she is doing at home.

Nick Wheeler is Miss Zumwalt’s Habit Hero for January! Nick is such a great leader in and out of the classroom. He is proactive by doing his job and following directions the first time they are given. He is helpful to his classmates and myself. Nick is polite, kind and respectful to his peers as well as his teachers. Nick can always be counted on to do the right thing and to help those around him do the right thing as well. He is motivated and always puts forth his best effort. Nick comes to school each day ready to learn and always greets his teacher at the door with a smile and a hug. His hard work and dedication is reflected in his school work. He strives to do his best, with each and every task that is put in front of him. When he finishes his work he is eager to write books for the class to read.

Lauren Gladbach is Miss Runyon’s January Habit Hero. Lauren is new to our school this month and has had no problem fitting in with her class. Lauren is a great example of a 4th grade leader. She comes to school prepared and ready to learn every day. Lauren strives to do well in the classroom and has a passion for learning. She is motivated and works hard towards achieving her goals as well as making new friends. We are so glad you have joined us here at Ralls County Elementary.

Gage Fountain is Mrs. Fuller’s Habit Hero for January. Gage is a very proactive leader. He gets his job done whether it be his classroom job or school work and then he uses his extra time to sharpen up on his math skills with prodigy, or by practicing reading strategies with a good book. No matter how difficult the task may seem, Gage always begins with the end in mind. You may even hear him telling his classmates: “guys, if we just work through this, we can do it.” Gage isn’t just a leader in the classroom. Outside of school he’s involved in 4-H where he has jobs that he must put first before play; and he also has responsibilities at home and on his family farms. Gage is kind and helpful to his classmates. He knows when someone needs a smile or a hand, and he’s willing to give it. Gage’s actions reflect what true leaders are made of.

Evie Bickel is Miss Willing’s Habit Hero for January. Evie uses the 7 Habits every day, and in every situation. She prioritizes getting her work done first and then uses her time to help others. She is always proactive in making wise choices in class and setting an incredible example for others to follow. Evie has become such a strong leader in our class this year, making sure everyone feels heard and welcomed. Evie is always happy to help out when needed but can also be found putting time into things that she truly enjoys, like reading and writing. She brings such a positive attitude to our classroom which is definitely noticed and appreciated.

Kaylee Armour is Mrs. Henderson’s January Habit. Hero. When Kaylee returns to our room after being out, she jumps right in to whatever we’re doing with an open-mind. She NEVER complains or makes excuses; she asks questions and accepts responsibility for her grades and actions. She is an unbelievably hard worker and has started to show more and more confidence every day. Kaylee is not only a leader in the classroom but also showcases leadership skills while playing when playing her favorite sport: basketball. She works hard during practice and is sure to be helpful and a team player. Kaylee is a great teammate, student, and friend. I am beyond proud of her accomplishments and look forward to watching what this girl does in the future!

Mrs. McCann’s January Habit Hero is Ella Moss. Ella is proactive in everything that she does and ensures she completes her work on time. She constantly sees the bright side of everything, even if it’s how they will use math in their future. Although Ella is on the quiet side, she is always one of the first to want to participate in class and is willing to do anything extra that is asked of her without a complaint. She uses the seven habits daily and is a wonderful representation of each one of them.

Congratulations to each of these students for choosing to be proactive in the classroom and take charge of their learning.