Filing for April 7 Election Closed

by Carolyn Trower

Filing for candidates in the April 7, 2020, general election has closed for Ralls County boards and city councils.
Six candidates have filed for the three open seats on the Ralls County R-II Board of Education: Mark Northcutt, Ron Evans (incumbent), Jonathan Conrad, Daniel Clark (incumbent), Scott Hodges, and Jake Moss.
The City of Center has two candidates for Mayor, Dennis R. McMillen and Thomas Bramblett. Shawn Couch and Rickie E. Wieberg have filed for Alderman Ward I. Cristy Browning has filed for Alderman Ward II.
The City of Perry has one candidate for each ward: Matt Hawkins Alderman Ward 1 and Jim McIntire Alderman Ward II.
The City of New London will not hold an election. There was one candidate for each seat: Mayor – Mary Jane White; Ward I – Shawn McCourt; and K. Allen Ballard – Ward II.
There are also two questions relating to bond issues for the Ralls County R-II School District.