MTHS Students Receive Awards

January 30, 2020

Academic Letters

Students who received the Academic Letters after three semesters are front row from left Jackson Jung, Isaak Clarkson, Will Owen, Braden Wisdom, and Riley Brown.

Middle row from left are Bri Wells, Emma Houchins, Autumn Arndt, Emily Evans, Kenleigh Epperson, Riley Waters, Hannah Mallory, Emma Ford, Sahira Martinez, Ashlyn Lipp, Debra Murfin, Kaylee Hammock, and Tori Lunsford.

Back row from left are Anna Echternacht, Ellie Northcutt, Trey Monroe, Brandon Fullenwider, and Dawson Talbott. Not pictured are Samantha Lehenbauer and Krayleigh Power.

Perfect Attendance

Students who received a gift card for first semester perfect attendance are front row from left Destiny Davis, Lauren Booth, Thomas Barnes, Andria Wooten, and Emma Boleach.

Back row from left are Ashlyn Eisele, Emily Evans, Macey Salter, Audrey Ross, Kaden Hawn, Devin Whaley, Jaxen Lake, Jacob Picard, Colin Trower, Kameron Asquith, and Gabe Howald. Not pictured are Brandon Black, Isaak Clarkson, Alex Joiner, Summer Miller and Dawson Talbott.

Academic Bars

Students who were recognized for continued academic success were from left Macey Salter, Elizabeth Trower, Jace Barton, Hannah Smith, Emma Ross, Olivia Graves, Caleb Peters, Ashyln Eisele, Mackenzie Ogle, Emma Clarkson, Ryan Spoonhower, Preston Eckler, Skylar Anthony, Logan Mickels, Zoe Miller, Sydnee Brothers, Tyler Mickels, Reagan Schultz , Kiara Zumwalt, and Ragon Longden. Not pictured are Evan Torrence, Devin Whaley, Alyssa Ford, and Madison Swank.