Ralls County Health Department “Best Kept Secret”

by Carolyn Trower
Ralls County Health Department is located at 405 West First Street in New London. Ralls County Health Department is located at 405 West First Street in New London.

Ralls County Health Department personnel often hear, “I didn’t know you did that.” Despite being in its present location since 1993, the agency can be overlooked. Tucked away beside Shell and Subway, people come and go and fail to notice the long building that houses the agency and its many services.
Should you find yourself in need of its services, the RCHD is more than prepared to help you through a difficult time. Tanya Taylor, RCHD’s director, shared some of the 2019 statistics. There were 806 skilled nursing visits; 390 physical therapy visits; and 140 occupational therapy visits. Their therapy services are contracted out to First Choice in Hannibal. All services are provided under a physician’s care. RCHD works with doctors in the Ralls County, Hannibal, Quincy, and Monroe City areas as well as doctors from St. Louis and Columbia, including doctors in the VA system. In addition, there were 161 visits by home health aides who provide care to those who have left the hospital but still need help with daily care routines. Payment is provided by Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration, and private pay.
“Our goal is to keep people safely in their homes for as long as possible,” emphasized Taylor.
RCHD’s service area has expanded and now included some of Marion County and the outskirts of Vandalia, Laddonia, and Monroe City.
“Once we were the only home health agency in Ralls County,” said Taylor. “Times have changed, companies have expanded, and hospitals now offer home health services.” Although it’s now more competitive, the patient chooses which agency provides home health services. “Patients aren’t always aware that they can choose Ralls County Home Health services.”
Taylor had a rueful smile on her face as she added, “We’re the best kept secret in Ralls County.” Hopefully that will change.