Youth Christmas Program

December 24, 2019

As part of December 15 worship service, the youth celebrated their annual Christmas Program. This year a part of the program was performed through puppetry.
The welcome was given by Ivan Deal.
Amiion Bradford and Messiah Mayfield gave us the Explanation of Christmas. They had an open discussion about the meaning of Christmas in which Amiion talks about the real meaning of Christmas and Messiah is totally oblivious as to what the true meaning of Christmas is.
The real Christmas Story [adaptation of Luke 2:1-10] was read by Dora Mitchell.
A ballet was performed to “Mary Did You Know” by Ivan Deal, Ava Hinkebein, A’Keylie Hinkebein using puppetry.
“Baby Shark” song was performed through puppetry by Ivan Deal, Ava Hinkebein, A’Keylie Hinkebein and Maxwell Mitchell. Note: We realized that the Baby shark and family doesn’t have anything to do directly with Christmas but does have to do with creation and it gave the youth people a fun moment.
“Joyful, Joyful” was performed by all the youth as they held candy canes turned to represent a J. J is for Jesus.
“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” was sung by all the youth as they concluded the program.
We give a “A Big Thank You” to the Parents: Dora Mitchell, Joy Brown, Renata Burton and Marsha Mayfield; to the Stage Managers: Messiah Mayfield, Amiion Bradford, Mariah Mayfield and Re’nayjah Burton and Kobe Hinkebein; and to the We Stand United Puppetry - Amiion, Ava, A’Keylie, Ivan, Maxwell, Messiah
Founded by Marsha Mayfield