Dunlap Retires from HNB After 41 Years

December 10, 2019

There was a steady stream of customers and friends in and out of the bank in Perry, on Friday, December 6. “A sad and joyous moment at the same time,” bank employees honored Becky Dunlap on her retirement after 41 years working at the Perry bank.
Becky has worked for the public for over 50 years, starting at the Holliday Farm Service when she was 16 years old. She married Monty Dunlap in December of 1978 and began working for the Perry bank in January of 1979. Becky started in bookkeeping and moved to teller as people retired.
A lot has changed over her years in the banking business. She started out on the proof machine, when checks were encoded and had to be “proofed.” The name on the building has changed a couple of times as well, but “most of the customers have remained.”
“Working with the public for all these years, people have been very nice, very gracious,” she said. “Banking is a very private business. You have to be gracious and professional with the public.” Those who have had the pleasure of Becky’s services for their banking needs will all agree that is exactly how she conducted herself every day on the job. “I’ve kinda lived my life here,” she added.
After a career of serving others, what is she going to do now? “Whatever I want to, whenever I want,” Becky said with a grin. “I’m gong to take it easy for a while. And I want to be a larger part of the grandkids’ lives.” Her grandchildren, Liam, age 6, and Lanie, age 3, live in Jefferson City.
More travel will also be in her future. Becky and Monty enjoy taking short trips around the state. “I love history,” said Becky. “We like to go to southern Missouri and visit gristmills and museums. We don’t usually go too far for too long.” Retirement may change that. “I’ve never had the opportunity to go too far.”
The Perry community wishes Becky a long and happy retirement.