Silent Night Program

November 26, 2019

The Silent Night Program was created in 2007 as a “living memorial” of love. The program was the inspiration of a special woman from Ralls County whose goal is to repay others for the kindness extended to her sister’s family during a time of sickness.
The roots of the program began as the Ralls County native watched her sister became bed ridden and later die from cancer. During the time of the illness, Christmas was approaching and the woman’s young children were looking at a grim holiday. This all changed when a group of workers got together and donated Christmas gifts for the dying woman’s children.

This simple act of kindness was never forgotten. After her sister’s death, the family decided to “pay the kindness forward”, but they wanted to do it silently. The family started with providing gifts for one child who also faced little hope of a cheery Christmas.

After that year, others joined in the “silent” giving program which has now expanded to be called the “Silent Night Program”. Last year, the program provided Christmas treasures to families in and around Ralls County as well as a high school letter jacket and college scholarship to deserving high school students.

The Silent Night program strives to bring joy, happiness, and hope to families at Christmas time and beyond and is an excellent way to share the love of Christ throughout the Christmas season.

There are numerous ways to become a part of this program. Community members, families, churches and businesses are invited to “adopt” a child or donate monetarily to support a child. For further information contact Denise Goodwin at 573-822-9692, Diana Duckworth at, or Adria Palmer at


The Silent Night Program Committee