Making Improvements at Mark Twain

by Eighth Grade Yearbook Student, Chloe Foster

The Summer of 2019 brought some exciting improvements to Mark Twain Junior/Senior High School. During the 2018-2019 school year, the School Board approved many improvements for the school. The water fountains, the roof, the staff workroom, the choir room, the high school gym, and the track were improved.
For example, some of the water fountains were improved by means of adding a water bottle filler to them with a sensor to detect water bottle movement. This allows the water bottles to be filled much easier and much more efficiently. They also make the process of filling water bottles much faster than before, which can be very helpful during a 4-minute passing time or at a practice with a long line of hot, thirsty athletes. Air conditioning was added to the high school gym to make it less humid and hot. New flooring was added to the Art Room and the staff workroom. Also, repairs were made to the roof.
The improvements are really beneficial to our school, and the students and teachers really enjoy them. When asked what improvement was most beneficial Coach Hudson said, “Probably the roof, because then water wouldn’t leak in the school.” According to ninth grader Thomas Barnes, “The air conditioning is awesome.” Eighth grader Joy Kuhlmann stated that, “I really like the water fountains. The thing to fill up the water bottles really helps, and they just work better.”
As you can see, many students and teachers appreciate the new improvements that were made. To conclude, these improvements that were made are really beneficial to our school, and really help to make our school a better place.