October Habit Heroes

November 14, 2019
Front row left to right: Kindal Watkins, Zoey Schwanke, Jackson Stewart, Kim Hernandez, Bryn Mayerhoffer, Layla Pendzinski, Alan Martinez, Hunter Cummings
Back row left to right: Leland Rule, Brystol Sharp, Saige Anderson, Allison Hawkins, Grady Davis, Aliceson Gooding, Royce Seymour, Remington Johnston, and Adelyn Conrad Front row left to right: Kindal Watkins, Zoey Schwanke, Jackson Stewart, Kim Hernandez, Bryn Mayerhoffer, Layla Pendzinski, Alan Martinez, Hunter Cummings
Back row left to right: Leland Rule, Brystol Sharp, Saige Anderson, Allison Hawkins, Grady Davis, Aliceson Gooding, Royce Seymour, Remington Johnston, and Adelyn Conrad

Kindal Watkins uses habit 3, “Put First Things First.” She comes into the classroom prepared for the day with a positive attitude. When asked to complete work in class, Kindal quickly follows directions and never complains. She also uses habit 5 “Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood”. She uses her eyes, ears and heart to listen to her friends. Way to be a leader, Kindal!
Zoey Schwanke is a leader throughout the day. She works hard and takes pride in her nice handwriting. She is very kind and helpful to her classmates. She can even be found at recess teaching her classmates how to climb up the rock wall. Zoey shoes how she lives the habits by “thinking win-win”. She got to feel the pride of helping others and her classmates were able to learn a new skill. Keep up the excellent work Zoey!
Allison Hawkins has wonderful manners and is always willing to help her classmates. She practices habit 1, be proactive, by choosing to do the right thing even if others around her may not be making the same choice. She also helps others to be proactive by quietly reminding them of what they are supposed to be doing. Allison also practices habit 2 in the classroom. Alley begins with the end in mind during writing time AND at the end of the day when we are packing up. Keep up the great work Allison! Way to be a Kindergarten leader!
Saige Anderson is an all-around leader. She is constantly putting first things first in and out of the classroom. Saige never complains about what we are doing and waits patiently for others to begin with the end in mind. In the mornings, Saige begins her morning work promptly and is one of the first ones to enjoy extra computer time. She will tie a friend’s shoe or run an errand. Saige you are going to do big things in life. Way to be a First Grade Leader!
Kimberly Hernandez is a hard worker in the classroom and synergizes with others. Kimberly completes all her work on time and enjoys helping her peers succeed as well. Kimberly comes to school with a positive attitude and is eager to learn each day. Kimberly is truly a Habit Hero! We are so proud of you Kimberly way to go!
Grady Davis has truly amazed Mrs. Gottman by stepping up his game as a proactive first grade student! He has now become such a focused, on-task first grader, who Puts First Things First while in his regular classroom and while reading with Mrs. Gatson. He has become such an amazing first grade leader and we cannot wait to see the academic gains he makes this school year! Way to step it up and be AWESOME!
Layla Pendzinski is great at being proactive. She comes to school with a smile on her face and is kind to everyone she comes into contact with. Layla also uses Habit 4 Think Win-Win. Whenever a problem arises, Layla is quick to think of a solution where everyone wins. She is a very positive young lady. Synergizing with others comes easy for Layla. She is both a great friend and classmate. In Layla’s free time, she enjoys Sharpening the Saw by doing gymnastics. Layla is a true leader and we are blessed to have her in our class. Way to be a leader, Layla!
Royce Seymour uses each of the habits daily. He comes to school ready to learn, takes responsibility for completing his work and behavior. Royce uses his circle of influence to be an example to other students. When he works with others, he works to create a win-win situation and fill his friends’ buckets. Royce is also really good at listening to others. He follows directions and asks thoughtful questions when he doesn’t understand. Royce thank you for making your class a great place to be.
Remington Johnston uses Habit 4 Think Win-Win. He makes decisions daily of doing his best and succeeding and also while using Habit 6, Syngerizing, he considers other people’s wins as well as his own. Remington is not only a reliable student but a friend as well. He always takes care of others in his class to be sure they have someone to play with or give a word of encouragement. Thank you, Remington, we are blessed to have you at our school.
Adelyn Conrad lives the Seven Habits on a daily basis. She constantly thinks ahead to plan out her learning and her day. Synergizing with others comes naturally to Adelyn, and she is kind to everyone. She has been working hard to do her part to help her class WIG of reading 3,000 minutes each week. Keep being such an awesome leader, Adelyn!!
Jackson Stewart is helpful to others and does so in a kind way. Jackson is pleasant and willing to do whatever is asked of him, although he seldom needs reminders. He steps up and goes above and beyond what others do. He realizes everyone is here to learn and does his best to set an example so his classroom has a great learning environment. He STARs by raising his hand and thinking carefully about his responses. He has big learning goals and works hard each day to meet them. Way to go, Jackson!
Allison Hernandez truly follows the 7 Habits all the time. She puts first things first by always completing her work before beginning something new. It is also never surprising to hear her offering to help someone around her, whether that is with a math problem they don’t understand, logging into a computer for the first time, or synergizing to pick up something that has spilled. She makes others in our class feel important and cared for by seeking first to understand and then to be understood. Allison has been very proactive with our Reading WIG this year. It is impressive how much she is contributing to the class and school goal. Keep using those 7 Habits and being a leader, Allison.
Bryn Mayerhoffer is an excellent example of a Leader in the classroom. She uses the 7 habits daily especially when it comes to being proactive. She gets her work completed and turned in on time. Bryn strives to do well in the classroom and has a passion for learning! Bryn is very motivated and works hard towards achieving her goals. She goes out of her way to help her classmates and always has a smile on her face. Bryn not only has a passion for learning but also a passion for animals. While out at recess, Bryn has found frogs and other small creatures on our playground. She is the first one to help find a safe place for them. Bryn, keep shining!
Aliceson Gooding is a great example of what a leader looks like. She uses the seven habits each and every day. Aliceson is always putting first things first by working hard and getting her classwork completed, and giving it 100%, before she uses her free time to read or work on a story she is writing! She can synergize with any of her peers and always strives to find a win-win solution for everyone! She is kind and respectful to her teacher and her classmates, always willing to lend a helping hand when someone is in need. Aliceson, keep up the great work!
Alan Martinez uses all of the seven habits throughout his day-he is truly a leader. Alan always puts first things first-he works hard on his classwork in order to earn computer time. When working with a partner or team, Alan lives by the think win-win motto, if everyone in the group isn’t winning, Alan is the first to help his group come up with a third alternative, by seeking first to understand. Alan is proactive-he makes wise choices and is in charge of himself, which is what helps him to be so successful in the classroom. Mrs. Fuller is so proud of you, Alan. Keep being you!
Hunter Cummings uses habit 4: Think Win-Win every day in the classroom. Whenever the class is faced with a choice, Hunter is quick to volunteer his stuff or time to help. If someone wants to read a book that he has, he is happy to share and content to find another book as to create a win-win situation. Hunter also has been growing in his use of Habit One: Be proactive. Hunter always tries to think about what he can do to be in charge of himself and his actions. Miss Willing is so proud of you and your growth so far this year, Hunter!
Bristol Sharp always puts first things first and begins with the end in mind. She strives to do well in everything she does and is always willing to help her classmates. Not only is she a leader, but she SMILES while she leads! Mrs. McCann is so proud of you, Bristol!
Leland is a wonderful example of Habit 1: being proactive. Leland has done an outstanding job of being “RESPONSE-ABLE” and accepting responsibility for his own actions...THEN taking the necessary steps to correct behaviors. He is a consistent leader in the classroom and the school WITHOUT reminders! Mrs. Henderson is extremely proud of the example Leland has chosen to set for his peers AND the younger students in our school.