The Leader in Me At RCE

November 14, 2019

"Proving a leadership centered environment that honors the greatness in every child."
By Diana Duckworth, Counselor
This week, I am sharing a photo of our October Habit Heroes at Ralls County Elementary. This photo features an amazing group of kids.
What is a Habit Hero? Simply put, a Habit Hero is a student who tries to live the principles of the Leader in Me program throughout the month. A student can be referred for being proactive, setting and reaching goals, working hard to synergize with their friends, being a good listener, or any of a number of other great qualities.
It is an honor and tradition to recognize RCE Habit Habits on the last Friday of each month during the school’s opening assembly. We begin each day with students reciting the Pledge to the American flag and singing a patriotic song. I hear a lot of people say that God can’t be mentioned in our schools, but each Wednesday our kids sing out “God Bless America” and the pledge to our flag clearly states that we are “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” I am so proud to be a part of a school system that recognizes and embraces the principles upon which our nation was built.
This year, we have added teachers to our list of individuals being honored through our Habit Hero ceremony. Students and parents are encouraged to look for qualities of leadership in our staff (cooks, bus drivers, teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries and administrators) and nominate and honor these individuals. If you are aware of a teacher or staff member who is making a positive impact on your child, be sure to contact Natalie Gibson or Joni Crossgrove and let them know you want to nominate someone for this honor.
This past week, the counseling department from Ralls County (Adria Palmer, Ashlyn Williams and myself) presented at the Missouri School Counselor Association annual meeting in TanTarA. Our presentation was entitled “Working Together to Create Tomorrow’s Leaders”. We shared how the employees in our district work closely to organize programs and create leadership opportunities for students in grades K-12. As counselors, it is our goal to ensure that our students appreciate and serve the community in which they live.
As a final note, a huge salute to our Veterans who work tirelessly to provide for our freedoms. God bless America!