Coaching Duo Makes Softball Fun

by Sophomore Yearbook Student, Autumn Arndt
Danny Wilson and Jacob Bogue coached the 2019 softball Lady Tigers. Danny Wilson and Jacob Bogue coached the 2019 softball Lady Tigers.

The 2019-2020 school year has brought many new changes, not just to the classroom but also on the field. The high school softball team has been introduced to two new faces on the coaching staff, the new coaches are Jacob Bogue and Danny Wilson. They are not just new to the coaching staff, but they are new to coaching a high school softball team. Coach Wilson said, “I coached baseball and softball in North Carolina for a total of 25 years and played baseball and softball for 45 consecutive years.” Bogue on the other hand has only coached baseball but stepped up to help out the Lady Tigers softball team.

Coming from a one and twenty-two season during the 2018 softball season these coaches brought with them the mentality to help the softball team improve. Coach Wilson and Coach Bogue were very excited for this season because they believed that there was a great deal of talent on the team that they could work with. There was one goal that each of the coaches wanted to achieve and Coach Wilson stated, “I wanted to strive for a better season than last year.” While Coach Bogue stated, “I wanted to get the girls to have fun playing softball again.” This softball season for the Mark Twain Lady Tigers improved in the ways the coaches had wished. “This season has been a very fun season and I have enjoyed playing with my teammates,” Elizabeth Trower stated.
The Lady Tigers have made a huge improvement from earlier years, both of the coaches think the team has both improved from earlier seasons, but also since the beginning of the season. “Teamwork, they have improved on teamwork very well since last year and from the beginning of this season,” Coach Wilson stated. Coach Bogue on the other hand said, “The team has improved well on defense and attitude.” The softball team won three more games than they did during the 2018 softball season. The Lady Tigers have played well during this season and the coaches agree. Coach Wilson agreed, “We’ve definitely had our ups and downs but the ups are very promising. It’s been a rebuilding year so to speak, we’ve won a few ball games which is a big plus. Next year I think the same team will win a lot more ball games.” Coach Bogue added, “I’m proud of every one of them for coming out and giving their best effort. I know it’s been tough because we mixed up line ups and tried to get everything figured out and that took a while, but everyone has grown in a positive direction and we’ve only been improving since the first game”
With the season ending and the team wanting to improve next year the coaches have been giving them more tips on how to improve. One thing Coach Bogue told one of his players was, “Continue to strive for excellence and make sure you want to continue to grow as a player. Even though you guys think you know everything, you don’t, so just continue to improve and get better at playing softball.” Coach Wilson also added, “You guys need to continue to work hard on batting and defense.” The Lady Tigers 2019 softball team ended their season with four wins and 17 losses but coming from a one win and 22 loss season they were very proud of how their 2019 season ended.