Jack Remembers

by jack Hackley

They were going to build a new interstate freeway across Texas, and when H. L. Hunt tried to buy several of the intersections for his oil company, he found Morgan Maxfield, a 21-year-old entrepreneur had a very legal option on every intersection across the state. Hunt decided anyone that smart he would hire.
He sent Morgan to Kansas City to help his son, Lamar Hunt, owner of the Chiefs, run their Kansas City operation. He became the rising star of Kansas City businessmen. Morgan bought the limestone caves off Highway 210 north of the river, and the land on top of the caves to build World of Fun. He was the first person to charter a 747 and took his friends to Cape Canaveral to watch the first blast-off to the moon. His picture was on the cover of U.S. News & World Report. Bill Morris, who would later become lieutenant governor, introduced me to Maxfield and we became friends. After a while, if Morgan tried to buy property, the owners would double the price, so he would have me buy land for some of his many projects. He also introduced me to Louis Rukeyser, back then, the popular host of PBS Wall Street Week.
Morgan was a millionaire playboy who was named the most eligible bachelor in Kansas City by a local magazine. He dated Priscilla Presley, and when Elvis died, Morgan established Graceland as a tourist center for Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie, that made her more than $50 million a year.
In 1976, Morgan decided to run for Congress in the 6th District when Jerry Litton vacated the seat. He defeated Pat Danner in the primary and was considered a shoo-in. Only one problem. The Republican Party went to Texas and found Marietta Maxfield, a wife Morgan had forgotten to divorce. Oops. Tom Coleman would be the Republican Congressman from the 6th District for the next 16 years.

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